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College Facts at a Glance

How many public colleges are in Florida, 2012-13?

Colleges 28
Campuses 68
Sites 178
Campus Buildings 2,134
Acres of Land 13,320
Capital Assets $7.7 billion

How many people work in Florida's colleges, Fall 2013?

Employees 45,809
Faculty Members Total: 21,681
Full-time 6,088
Part-time 15,593

What was the amount of funding for Florida's colleges, 2012-13?

General Revenue $870 million
Student Fees $872 million
Lottery Funding $181 million

What do Florida's college students look like?

All Students Enrolled in a Course, Lower Division, Non-Credit, and Upper Division (Fall 2013) 879,948 students
Student Profile (Fall 2013 College Credit Students):
Full-time students 37%
Part-time students 63%
Average student age 26 years
Gender 59% female
Minority enrollment 55%

Enrollment by Program (2012-13) (During the year, students may enroll in more than one program)

Bachelor's Degree Program 30,515
Associate of Arts Degree 348,089
Associate of Science Degree 112,798
College Credit Certificates 23,432
Vocational Certificates 25,041
College and Vocational Preparatory 154,734
Life Long Learning 1,804
(Additional college students are enrolled:  in apprenticeship courses, in courses related to employment, as general freshmen or for other personal objectives.)

How well do Florida college students perform?

Total Degrees/Certificates Annually Awarded, 2012-13: 105,886
Bachelors Degree Program 5,009
AA Degrees 57,690
AS Degrees (majority enter the workplace) 14,464
Vocational & College Credit Certificates 26,773
Educator Preparation Institutes (EPIs) 907

What is the annual student headcount in Florida College System institutions?

Academic Year Annual Student Headcount
2005-06 870,352
2006-07 871,897
2007-08 907,907
2008-09 939,307
2009-10 972,091
2010-11 961,607
2011-12 944,505
2012-13 909,096