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Chancellorís Office

Florida Colleges

Chancellorís Office
Office Number: 850-245-0407

Chancellor, Division of Florida Colleges 850-245-9449
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor 850-245-9449
President, The Florida College System Foundation 850-245-9494
Director of External Affairs 850-245-9788
Communications Assistant 850-245-9011
Director of Equity & Civil Rights Compliance 850-245-9468
Budget Manager 850-245-9014
Public Affairs & Administration
Assistant Chancellor 850-245-9455
Assistant to the Assistant Chancellor 850-245-9452
Policy Analyst 850-245-9472
 Office of Financial Policy
Deputy Executive Director for Financial Policy 850-245-9467
Facilities Planning & Budgeting
Director, Facilities Planning & Budgeting 850-245-9487
Deputy Director, Facilities Planning & Budgeting 850-245-9490
Research & Analytics
Vice Chancellor for Research 850-245-9482
Research Analyst 850-245-9456
Academic and Student Affairs
Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs 850-245-9523
Administrative Assistant 850-245-9471
Director of Academic Affairs 850-245-9492
Coordinator of Student Affairs 850-245-9464
Coordinator of Academic Success 850-245-9481