Effective: December 4, 2011

2011-2012 Student Discipline Information

1. All items 1-10 are valid for interdistrict transcript record transfer.
2. Send the latest 3 year's data. Receiving districts will need to store the data from the sending district and send it if the student moves within 3 years. Discipline information may be printed on Interdistrict transcripts. (See Appendix W for information on using the parameter with program SRTS12IS to print discipline data). District defined codes are not to be reported on FASTER unless there is a Discipline/Resultant Action, in which case the incident should be reported as ZZZ.
3. The presence of LOW-VALUES in data fields causes significant problems for several institutions in the receipt of student records. A transaction will be rejected if non-displayable characters are sent in the data unless found in Filler Reserved for Local Use (last 9 bytes of each record type). Please use some other appropriate character (e.g., SPACES) with which to initialize your records before sending them.
4. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*) next to the field name.
5. Special characters, tilde (~), caret (^), and grave accent (`), are used as delimiters in the translation of FASTER to SPEEDE/ExPRESS. They are reserved symbols and as such cannot be included in data sent through FASTER to a SPEEDE/ExPRESS institution.
6. District Number, Current Enrollment no longer includes a code of 70. See Item #4 below.
7. The verbiage in School Number, Current Enrollment has changed to clarify the meaning of school numbers associated with virtual courses. See Item #5 below.
8. The description of several Incident Types has been clarified. See Item #6.
9. Three new codes have been created for Discipline/Resultant Action Code. See Item #8.

Field Characteristics:

A = Alphabetic only
A/N = Alphameric
N = Numeric only
Z = Zoned numeric
P = Packed decimal
R = Right justified with leading zeros
L = Left justified

Format Characteristics:

Name: 2011-2012 Student Discipline Information
Number: T9

Effective: December 4, 2011

Record Size: 1020

1 1-3 3 A/N Record Type*

The header for the record for this transaction

Code Definition
I09 Interdistrict Record Transfer

2 4-13 10 A/N/R Student Number Identifier, Florida*

If the student has a social security number and provides this number to the school district, the Student Number Identifier, Florida, will have the following format:

First 9 digits: the student's Social Security Number; and
The 10th digit: the letter "X".

If a SPEEDE/ExPRESS institution does not provide a valid social security number or high school student number identifier, the value will be "999999999G".

If the student does not provide a Social Security Number to the school district, the school district will assign a Student Number Identifier, Florida, to the student, formatted as follows:

First 2 digits
NN For any student entering a Florida school district for the first time, the first 2 digits will represent the district of initial entry into the Florida School System.
Last 8 digits
NNNNNNNN The last eight digits are district-defined in such a way as to result in a unique student number within the district in which the number is originally assigned.

3 14-15 2 A/N Filler
4 16-17 2 N/R District Number, Current Enrollment*

The two digit number for the current school district or other agency in which the student is officially enrolled for graduation (see District Name Table, Appendix A), or zero in the case of a postsecondary or SPEEDE/ExPRESS sending institution

Code Definition
01-76 69, 71-76 State assigned number for school district or other agency
99 Other than Florida Public School

5 18-21 4 A/N/R School Number, Current Enrollment*

The state assigned four digit school number in which the student is officially enrolled for graduation

0001 -9899 District school sites assigned a unique number in the state Master School ID File.
0000 Used for in-state postsecondary and SPEEDE/ExPRESS sending institutions
3518 McKay Scholarship Participants
7001 Virtual Instruction Program operated through a contract with a provider that is approved by the DOE, the Florida Virtual School or a state college.
7004 Florida Virtual School Franchise Participants.
7006 School District Virtual Course Offerings
7023 Virtual Instruction Program offered by the School District
9997 Migrant Non-Attenders - Used for students identified as Migrant, ages 3 through 21, who are not enrolled in school, and have not graduated from high school.
9998 Used to report Home Schooled students. Students identified and being reported by the district as home schooled students.


Private school students served with Fund Source D funds.


Private school students participating in Title I programs.

6 22-24 3 A/N Incident Type*

A three-character code to identify the type of incident.

ALC - Alcohol Possession and/or Use
ARS - Arson
BAT - Battery
BHA - Bullying
BRK - Breaking and Entering/Burglary
BUL - Bullying
DOC - Disruption on Campus-Major
DRD - Drug Sale/Distribution-Excluding Alcohol
DRU - Drug Possession/Use-Excluding Alcohol
FIT - Fighting (serious mutual combat or mutual altercation only)
HAR - Harassment
HOM - Homicide
KID - Kidnapping
OMC - Other Major Unclassified Offenses
ROB - Robbery
STL - Larceny/Theft
SXB - Sexual Battery
SXH - Sexual Harassment
SXO - Sex Offenses (Other)
TBC - Tobacco
TRE - Threat/Intimidation
TRS - Trespassing
UBL - Unsubstantiated Bullying
UHR - Unsubstantiated Harassment
VAN - Vandalism
WPO - Weapons Possession
ZZZ - District Defined Incident (To be used only if there is a Discipline/Resultant Action. It is not to be reported to the state.)

7 25-32 8 A/N Incident date*

The date (MMDDCCYY) the infraction or SESIR incident occurred.

8 33-33 1 A/N Disciplinary/Resultant Action Code*
  A code representing the type of action taken.
P - Placement in Alternative Educational Setting
Student is removed from the school for an offense,, i.e., disobedient, disrespectful, violent, abusive, uncontrollable or disruptive behavior, not expelled, and placed in an alternative educational setting.
C - Corporal Punishment
Corporal punishment is defined as the moderate use of physical force or physical contact by a teacher or principal to maintain discipline or to enforce school rule. (Maintained for students in grades PK-12only.)
I - In-school Suspension
In-school suspension is defined as the temporary removal of a student from the school program not exceeding ten days. (Maintained for students in grades PK-12 only.)
L - Seclusion
The involuntary confinement of a student alone in a room or area from which the student is physically prevented from leaving. It does not include a timeout, which is a behavior management technique that is part of an approved program, involves the monitored separation of the student in a non-locked setting, and is implemented for the purpose of calming.
M - Mechanical Restraint
The use of any device or equipment to restrict a studentís freedom of movement. The term does not include devices implemented by trained school personnel, or utilized by a student that have been prescribed by an appropriate medical or related services professional and are used for the specific and approved purposes for which such devices were designed, such as: Adaptive devices or mechanical supports used to achieve proper body position, balance, or alignment to allow greater freedom of mobility than would be possible without the use of such devices or mechanical supports; Vehicle safety restraints when used as intended during the transport of a student in a moving vehicle; Restraints for medical immobilization; or Orthopedically prescribed devices that permit a student to participate in activities without risk of harm.
O - Out-of-school Suspension
Out-of-school suspension is defined as the temporary removal of a student from a school and the school program for a period not exceeding ten days. (Maintained for students in grades PK-12 only.)
H - Suspension Extended, Pending Hearing
Suspension (out-of-school) extended beyond 10 school days pending School Board hearing for expulsion. (This code should only be used when the district Superintendent grants an extension for suspension beyond 10 school days as per Ch. 1006.08, F.S.).
E - Expelled, Without Continuing Educational Services
Student expelled from regular school without continuing educational services provided by the district. (Maintained for students in grades PK-12 and adult)
NOTE: For state reporting purposes, only grade PK-12 students showing W21 sometime during the year should be sent to the state.
F - Expelled, With Continuing Educational Services
Student expelled from regular school with continuing educational services, which may include a disciplinary program or second chance school, and/or referred to the criminal justice or juvenile justice system. (Maintained for students in grades PK-12 and adult)
NOTE: For state reporting purposes, only grade PK-12 students showing W21 sometime during the year should be sent to the state.
D - Other District Defined
Other District defined is all other types of discipline which may be administered by a school district that cannot be reported using any other code in this element. (This code is for local use only. It is not to be reported to the state.)
U - Change in Placement
Change in placement (not to exceed 45 days) due to a unilateral decision by school personnel following a drug or weapon offense. (This code is for students with disabilities only.)
R - Physical Restraint
A personal restriction that immobilizes or reduces the ability of a student to move his or her torso, arms, legs, or head freely. The term physical restraint does not include a physical escort. Physical escort means a temporary touching or holding of the hand, wrist, arm, shoulder or back for the purpose of inducing a student who is acting out to walk to a safe location.
S - Other SESIR Defined
Other SESIR defined is all other types of disciplinary action administered for a SESIR defined incident that cannot be reported using any other code in this element. (This code is to be used only when the action is related to a SESIR defined incident).
9 34-35 2 A/N District Number, Where Discipline/Resultant Action Occurred

Enter the two-digit district number where the student was disciplined one or more times during the school year. The district number will be associated with the discipline code in item 8.

10 36-39 4 A/N School Number, Where Discipline/Resultant Action Occurred

Enter the four-digit school number for the school in which the student was disciplined one or more times during the school year. The school number will be associated with the discipline code in item 8.

11 40-47 8 A/N Discipline/Referral Action Date*

The date (MMDDCCYY)upon which each disciplinary or referral action (corporal punishment, initiation of in-school or out-of-school suspensions, expulsion or court or juvenile referral) occurred.

12 48-50 3 N/R Duration, Disciplinary Action

A three-digit number locally assigned within a district to indicate the duration for the following disciplinary actions: in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, expulsion or alternative placement (result of expulsion process). extended suspension, change in placement, expulsion or alternative placement.
008 - Students served in-school suspension lasting eight school days.
010 - Students served out-of-school suspension lasting ten school days.
000 - Not applicable (student was not suspended, expelled or given alternative placement after expulsion process).

Note: The field must not contain blanks.

S. 1000.01, F.S.


a) Suspension, also referred to as out-of-school suspension, is the temporary removal of a student from all classes of instruction on public school grounds and all other school-sponsored activities, except as authorized by the principal or the principalís designee, for a period not to exceed 10 school days and remanding of the student to the custody of the studentís parent with specific homework assignments for the student to complete.

(b) In-school suspension is the temporary removal of a student from the studentís regular school program and placement in an alternative program, such as that provided in s. 1003.53, F.S. under the supervision of school district personnel, for a period not to exceed 10 school days.

(26) EXPULSION Ė Expulsion is the removal of the right and obligation of a student to attend a public school under conditions set by the school board, and for a period of time not to exceed the remainder of the term or school year and 1 additional year of attendance. Expulsions may be imposed with or without continuing educational services and shall be reported accordingly.

13 51-1011 961 A/N Filler
14 1012-1020 9 A/N Filler Reserved for Local Use