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  Frequently Asked Questions  

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Educational Facilities

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1. What sources of funds may a district use if it needs a new school?
2. Generally, what sources of funding can we use without a survey recommendation?
3. Is it permissible for districts to purchase portable classrooms from 2 mill funds?
4. Can a district build relocatable classrooms with 2 mill funding given that they have properly advertised the project?; and Can a district build relocatable classrooms with PECO funding given a recommendation exists in the educational plant survey?
5. Is there a limit on how much of the levied 2 mill funds a district can bond?
6. Can the 2 mill equivalent appropriation for university developmental research schools be used for the purpose of a lease or lease-purchase arrangement?
7. What are the approximate student stations recommended for typical growing districts that are adding schools?
8. What is the approximate construction period for educational facilities?
9. When is the Cost per Student Station updated?
10. What does PECO mean?
11. Can PECO funds be used for debt service?
12. If funds are requested to be encumbered for a project and an education agency has revised its funding program for projects, can the agency request that an encumbrance be unauthorized?
13. If an agency submits an executed OEF Form 352 or OEF Form 442 via fax, is it necessary to follow up with an original copy of the relevant form?
14. How far in advance of executing a contract should an encumbrance authorization request be submitted?
15. How soon after submitting an encumbrance authorization request can a disbursement request be submitted?
16. On the OEF Form 442 for cash disbursement requests, how is the amount of the cash disbursement calculated?
17. On the OEF Form 442 for cash disbursement requests, how is Cash on Hand calculated?
18. When will the education agency receive the requested cash disbursement?
19. Who is authorized to sign an encumbrance authorization request?
20. What are the necessary procedures to follow for universities to receive funds for fixed capital outlay project appropriations that were approved by the Legislature?
21. For what type of projects does the Constitution of the State of Florida authorize expenditure of CO&DS funds?
22. What restrictions does the constitution place on the expenditure of CO&DS funds?
23. Section 2.1(5)(e)1.b of SREF states, “During any fiscal year, a board has the authority to encumber up to twenty (20) percent of its current entitlement of CO&DS funds for equipment for existing satisfactory facilities.” Does this mean that if a district receives $150,000 in CO&DS funds it can only use $30,000 for equipment? Also, do Priority A projects have to be done before Priority B projects?
24. To receive funding pursuant to the Classrooms for Kids Program, do projects have to appear in the educational plant survey?
25. When will I receive my Charter School Capital Outlay distribution?
26. Can Classrooms for Kids funds be used for furniture and equipment costs, along with construction costs?
27. I have the same amount of students as last month, but my monthly charter school capital outlay payment decreased. Why is that?
28. Can charter school capital outlay funds be used to purchase furniture, fixtures, and equipment for a new school?
29. Can I buy a bus with my charter school capital outlay?
30. Can I buy computers with my charter school capital outlay?
31. When is the Charter School Capital Outlay Plan due?
32. When are the 5-year Workplans due?
33. Where can funding information and forms be located on the web?