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Frequently Asked Questions


  Frequently Asked Questions  

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General Information

1. You say you need nurses, but I canít get into the program. Why wasnít I accepted? Why is there such a long waiting period to be accepted?
2. Which school/college offers a program (subject area)?
3. How can parents get help for their (adult disabled or high school drop out) child?
4. Questions regarding the curriculum frameworks of programs in Career and Technical Education.
5. Requests for Continuing Education courses in a community
6. Where can I send my child care workers to get their child care certification?

7. How do I get a copy of GED diploma and/or my GED scores?
  • Contact the GED Office by calling its toll-free line at: 1-877-352-4331
  • Call the GED Information Line at 850-245-9769
  • Call the regular phone number of the GED Office at 850-245-0449
  • Email staff in the GED office at

    8. I failed the FCAT Ė how can I get a high school diploma?