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Frequently Asked Questions


  Frequently Asked Questions  

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General Information

1. What are the GED® tests?
2. How can I prepare to take the tests?
3. Where can I take the test?

4. What do the GED® tests look like?
  • The following five subject tests cover academic knowledge and skills in core areas required in a traditional high school curriculum: Language Arts, Reading; Language Arts, Writing; Science; and Social Studies.
  • The following table provides the number of questions and time limits on the GED® tests.
  • Most questions on the GED® tests are provided in a multiple choice format. The only exceptions are Part II of the Language Arts, Writing Test, which requires an essay, and the Mathematics Test, which requires that some answers be calculated and inserted in a grid.
Language Arts, Writing, Part I 50 Questions 75 minutes
Language Arts, Writing, Part II Essay 45 minutes
Social Studies 50 Questions 70 minutes
Science 50 Questions 80 minutes
Language Arts, Reading 40 Questions 65 minutes
Mathematics, Part I 25 questions with optional use of a calculator 45 minutes
Mathematics, Part II 25 questions without a calculator 45 minutes

GED® Homepage

5. What if Iím only 16 years old?
6. How do I know if I passed the GEDģ tests?
7. How do I get my Transcript or Diploma?