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Frequently Asked Questions


  Frequently Asked Questions  

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General Information

1. What are the GED® tests?

2. How can I prepare to take the tests?
    Passing the GED® tests may require some preparation on your part. Some individuals prepare intensely by taking classes or studying GED® preparation books and other materials. Other candidates are comfortable with simply brushing up on a few of the subject areas where they feel they need practice. To determine how you should best prepare for the tests, you can start by contacting local adult education programs sponsored by school districts, colleges, and community organizations in your area. (Check your local telephone directory.) Teachers at these adult education programs can help you decide the extent to which you need to study for the five GED® tests and develop a study plan that is best for you.

GED® Homepage

3. Where can I take the test?
4. What do the GED® tests look like?
5. What if Iím only 16 years old?
6. How do I know if I passed the GEDģ tests?
7. How do I get my Transcript or Diploma?