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Frequently Asked Questions


  Frequently Asked Questions  

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Accounts Payables

1. Is there a way to get my payment history?
2. If we need office supplies and I pay for them with my own money, how can I get reimbursed?


1. How can I view my paycheck?
2. When are the OPS timesheets due?

Purchasing Card

1. Who can have a Pcard?
    Those individuals that management (bureau chief or higher) determined has travel or purchasing requirements assigned to their position. The purchasing card program is voluntary participation in the Department of Education.

2. How do I obtain a Pcard?


1. Do the subagreement rules apply to all Funds (i.e., General and Federal Funds)?
2. If an LEA hires a company (as opposed to an individual) to perform speech pathology services, is the contract considered a subagreement?
3. If an LEA has several students who are court ordered to facilities full-time, are the contracts with these facilities considered subagreements?
4. Are School Resource Officers contracts considered subagreements?
5. Would a contract with a School Nurse who has nothing to do with the instruction of the students, but provides medication in order for them to function in the classroom, be considered a subagreement?
6. An LEA receives a state funded grant award for the Boys and Girls Mentoring Services in the amount of $66,405. This is a pass-through expense. The LEA pays the Boys and Girls Club the full amount to take care of the children. Does this qualify as a subagreement?
7. An LEA received a state funded grant (School Safety/Emergency Preparedness Emergency Notification Service) that pays for $20,126.02 of this $62,866.80 expense. Does this qualify as a subagreement?
8. An LEA has a Consortium that is composed of several school districts. The Consortium writes joint grants for the districts. The districts bill the Consortium and the Fiscal Agent (a designated school district) issues each district a check that is recorded as an “Other Purchased Services” expense to the grant. Would these expenses be considered to fall under a subagreement?
9. An LEA contracted with a food service management company in 2007-08. Direct costs (food and supplies) are paid through the company. The contract is a fixed price contract with a guarantee. If the LEA operates within the contract amount, it earns a general and administrative fee. In 2007-08 the company exceeded the contract amount and the District was refunded the general and administrative fees. Is this type of contract considered a subagreement?
10. An LEA hires consultants to present workshops or training for teachers to help them in special areas. This is directly linked to student instruction. Would this constitute a subagreement, even though the consultants themselves do not directly interact with students?
11. If an LEA contracts with a Boys and Girls Club to provide after-school tutoring assistance to at-risk children, would this be considered a subagreement?
12. If an LEA contracts out for assistance in providing services to homeless students, and the LEA contributes to the community coordination and staffing, would this be considered a subagreement?
13. If an LEA contracts with a software vendor to provide technical support and enhancement of existing Business Software, would this be considered a subagreement?


1. How do I find map mileage?
2. Where can I find the travel forms for Department of Education?