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  Frequently Asked Questions  

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Educational Facilities

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1. When and where are the SREF courses going to be offered?
    The SREF course dates and locations can be found on our website at enroll directly online at this site.

2. Are there any fees for the SREF course?
    There are no fees for the course. Students are only required to cover the cost of their food, travel and lodging during the course.

3. Am I eligible to take the SREF course if I don't have a professional license (i.e., for a contractor, building inspector, architect or engineer)?
    Students are not required to have a professional licensed to attend the SREF course. Unlicensed attendees will receive a certificate for having attended this course but will not be receiving continuing education hours. Licenses are issued by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations. License information may be obtained online at:

4. If my license already expired, can I still get credit (continuing education hours) for taking the SREF course?
    In order for the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) to grant continuing education hours (CEH’s) to you, you must hold a current certification.

5. Can a student take the SREF course if they never held a professional license?
    Yes. Anyone can take the SREF course and receive a certificate for attendance, however, unlicensed students will not be granted continuing education hours (CEH’s) for this course.

6. How may someone obtain a copy of SREF (State Requirements for Educational Facilities)?
    A PDF version of SREF can be downloaded from our web site here:

7. What is the current edition of SREF?
    2007 SREF (State Requirements for Educational Facilities) became effective February 12, 2008 and a PDF version can be downloaded at:

8. How may I obtain copies of OEF Forms?
    Forms are available online at: http://www/