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Frequently Asked Questions


  Frequently Asked Questions  

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Grants Management

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General Information

1. What is the correct name for your office and your mailing address?
2. How are potential applicants notified about the availability of funding and when to apply?
3. What is the purpose of the RFP or RFA?
4. What are TAPS Numbers and who assigned them?
5. Where should I mail proposals/applications and/or amendments?
6. What will happen if I submit an amendment request on the wrong forms…will it be disapproved?
7. I am new to the state university funding process. Where can I find a resource document that will list the object codes that I should use when completing the DOE 101 form?
8. Where can I find the Red Book online from the Department's web site?
9. What is a CFDA Number?
10. Can indirect costs be charged to State-appropriated funds?
11. Can a community-based organization (CBO) charge indirect costs on federal grant funds?
12. How is indirect cost calculated for budget purposes?
13. As a community-based organization applying for grant funds, would you tell me what other documents are needed other than the DOE 100A and DOE 101 to submit an application?
14. Would you please explain the difference between being paid on performance-based and being paid by reimbursement?
15. Can we submit applications online?
16. Where can I find the Green Book online?
17. Where do I find the project number?
18. Who assigns the project number?
19. Where are the current forms found?
20. Which forms do we use for amendments?
21. Do we always need a letter of authorization if the president or the superintendent does not sign the DOE 100A?
22. Can our project officially begin with only a faxed copy of the award letter?
23. Must we have a TAPS number on the application?
24. Can we e-mail the changes for the 101 or the 151?
25. The amount on my entitlement project award notification is different from the amount available indicated on the certified roll forward letter. Which is correct?
26. If I don't see my answer in the FAQ's, what should I do?