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  Frequently Asked Questions  

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1. What is the due date for submission of a 2010 EETT competitive proposal?
2. When will responses to frequently asked questions be posted?
3. How many competitive proposals may be submitted by an eligible LEA/district?
4. Are there any specific formatting guidelines that applicants must follow?
5. Our district currently has an outside evaluator for the proposed project. Will the district be able to retain the same outside evaluator?
6. What is the award date for a 2010 Title II, Part D – Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) competitive grant?
7. What font and size do you recommend for charts and tables?
8. Within the Project Design and Implementation section under the Guidance portion for Professional Development is stated that the plan should include some level of FDE and MDE program involvement to receive maximum points. Regarding this, what will FDE provide for administrative training?
9. For maximum points, must there be both FDE and MDE training as this is the only reference to MDE?
10. We are a high heeds district. Can we partner with 1 or 2 other “high needs" districts?
11. If yes, can we submit a grant request that would be equally proportionate to the number of high needs districts in the application. In other words, if 3 districts were to partner, would the budget maximum increase from $750,000 to $2,225,000?
12. If we write in a person to be the Grant Administrator and they train staff, can this money be counted in professional development?
13. Where can we find the list of eligible LEA’s permitted to submit up to three proposals?
14. Page 13 of the RFP indicates a 40 page limit and then in brackets lists some specific items. Not listed is the required DOE 101 – is this form not included in the 40 page count?
15. Page 5 of the RFP identifies that at a minimum the official name of each school or instructional site to be involved, the anticipated number of students to be served and each school’s DA category if applicable. Considering this requirement how do we address inclusion and equitable participation for private schools?
16. The RFP states that districts who were awarded modest entitlement allocations will receive priority. How is that defined?
17. On the RFP on page 6 it states (at the top) that the proposed activities are clearly aligned with Florida's Instructional Technology Goals ( The Technology Goals and the Technology Plan are two separate things. Which one should we use?
18. Where can I find specific information about Florida Digital Educator Teaching and Learning Institutes?