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Dale Hickam Excellent Teaching Program


  Dale Hickam Excellent Teaching Program  

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Eligibility & Policy Comparison

Eligibility Requirements*
NBPTS Standard For Florida DHETP Candidates
Hold a bachelor’s degree Same
Have completed three full years of teaching/counseling experience. Same
Possess a valid state teaching/counseling license for that period of time, or, if teaching where a license is not required, have taught in school recognized and approved to operate by the state.
  • Portions of the three years may have been acquired under Florida’s temporary certificate but applicant must have a regular professional teaching certificate in hand at the time of application.
  • Guidance Counselors must have had a professional teaching certificate in guidance for the full three years of required experience.
  • Only full-time Florida public school teachers may apply.
Part-time/Substitute Teaching or Counseling allowed and calculated cumulatively for the required 3 yrs. of work experience.
  • Part-time or substitute teachers/counselors are not eligible to participate in DHETP.
  • Full-time teachers may use a cumulative calculation of part-time work experience to meet the three years of required teaching experience.