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State Complaints Reports of Inquiry (Redacted)

July - December 2013
Case Number District Order Date
BEESS-2013-033-RES (PDF, 155KB) Orange 7/15/2013
BEESS-2013-034-RES (PDF, 47KB) Marion 7/16/2013
BEESS-2013-035-RES (PDF, 68KB) Lee 7/22/2013
BEESS-2013-036-RES (PDF, 37KB) Pinellas 7/22/2013
BEESS-2013-037-RES (PDF, 31KB) Miami-Dade 7/29/2013
BEESS-2013-038-RES (PDF, 86KB) Sarasota 7/31/2013
BEESS-2013-039-RES (PDF, 43KB) Volusia 7/30/2013
BEESS-2013-040-RES (PDF, 38KB) Palm Beach 7/30/2013
BEESS-2013-041-RES (PDF, 78KB) Broward 8/2/2013
BEESS-2013-042-RES (PDF, 124KB) Broward 8/12/2013
BEESS-2013-043-RES (PDF, 23KB) Broward 8/16/2013
BEESS-2013-044-RES (PDF, 48KB) Orange 8/16/2013
BEESS-2013-045-RES (PDF, 142KB) Orange 8/19/2013
BEESS-2013-046-RES (PDF, 166KB) Orange 8/20/2013
BEESS-2013-047-RES (PDF, 45KB) Leon 8/23/2013
BEESS-2013-048-RES (PDF, 52KB) Seminole 8/30/2013
BEESS-2013-049-RES (PDF, 43KB) Broward 9/10/2013
BEESS-2013-050-RES (PDF, 44KB) Pinellas 10/9/2013
BEESS-2013-051-RES (PDF, 41KB) Charlotte 10/18/2013
BEESS-2013-052-RES (PDF, 19KB) Marion 10/21/2013
BEESS-2013-053-RES (PDF, 33KB) Duval 11/4/2013
BEESS-2013-054-RES (PDF, 38KB) St. Lucie 11/5/2013
BEESS-2013-055-RES (PDF, 39KB) Seminole 5/12/2013
BEESS-2013-056-RES (PDF, 74KB) Walton 11/26/2013
BEESS-2013-057-RES (PDF, 83KB) Okaloosa 11/26/2013
BEESS-2013-058-RES (PDF, 74KB) St. Johns 12/11/2013
BEESS-2013-059-RES (PDF, 57KB) Duval 12/9/2013
BEESS-2013-060-RES (PDF, 20KB) Miami-Dade 12/9/2013
BEESS-2013-061-RES (PDF, 70KB) Pinellas 12/23/2013
BEESS-2013-062-RES (PDF, 62KB) Washington 12/23/2013
BEESS-2013-063-RES (PDF, 72KB) Lee 1/3/2014

January - June 2013
Case Number District Order Date
BEESS-2013-001-RES (PDF, 170KB) Broward 1/14/2013
BEESS-2013-002-RES (PDF, 106KB) Charlotte 1/14/2013
BEESS-2013-003-RES (PDF, 98KB) Pinellas 1/11/2013
BEESS-2013-004-RES (PDF, 102KB) Pinellas 2/11/2013
BEESS-2013-005-RES (PDF, 95KB) Orange 2/11/2013
BEESS-2013-006-RES (PDF, 107KB) Manatee 2/11/2013
BEESS-2013-007-RES (PDF, 157KB) Broward 3/7/2013
BEESS-2013-008-RES (PDF, 110KB) Miami-Dade 3/1/2013
BEESS-2013-009-RES (PDF, 134KB) Hillsborough 3/1/2013
BEESS-2013-010-RES (PDF, 103KB) Seminole 3/27/2013
BEESS-2013-011-RES (PDF, 89KB) Orange 4/1/2013
BEESS-2013-012-RES (PDF, 151KB) Nassau 4/2/2013
BEESS-2013-013-RES (PDF, 155KB) Hillsborough 4/8/2013
BEESS-2013-014-RES (PDF, 118KB) Orange 4/12/2013
BEESS-2013-015-RES (PDF, 80KB) Brevard 4/16/2013
BEESS-2013-016-RES (PDF, 158KB) Duval 5/14/2014
BEESS-2013-017-RES (PDF, 109KB) Pinellas 5/6/2013
BEESS-2013-018-RES (PDF, 87KB) Pinellas 5/7/2013
BEESS-2013-019-RES (PDF, 115KB) Miami-Dade 5/7/2013
BEESS-2013-020-RES (PDF, 88KB) Broward 5/10/2013
BEESS-2013-021-RES (PDF, 111KB) Orange 5/13/2013
BEESS-2013-022-RES (PDF, 134KB) Broward 5/13/2013
BEESS-2013-023-RES (PDF, 111KB) Jackson 5/13/2013
BEESS-2013-024-RES (PDF, 144KB) Broward 5/17/2013
BEESS-2013-025-RES (PDF, 112KB) St. Johns 6/7/2013
BEESS-2013-026-RES (PDF, 154KB) Miami-Dade 6/10/2013
BEESS-2013-027-RES (PDF, 108KB) Hillsborough 6/17/2013
BEESS-2013-028-RES (PDF, 232KB) Broward 6/17/2013
BEESS-2013-029-RES (PDF, 138KB) Lee 6/17/2013
BEESS-2013-030-RES (PDF, 100KB) Broward 6/24/2013
BEESS-2013-031-RES (PDF, 92KB) FSDB 6/24/2013
BEESS-2013-032-RES (PDF, 108KB) Monroe 6/24/2013

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