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Data Publications and Reports: Staff

Historical Data: Please visit the Archives page for all historical data.

  • Florida District Staff Salaries of Selected Positions, 2012-13 (Word, 3MB)
  • Gender Representation among Professionals in Florida's Public Schools, 2012-13 (Word, 1MB)
  • Staff in Florida's Public Schools, 2013-14
  • Staff Distribution by Race, 2012-13 (Word, 2MB)
  • Teacher Demographics in Florida's Public Schools, Fall 2012 (Word, 2MB)
  • Teacher Exit Interview Information 2012-13 (Excel, 482KB)
    School districts submitted data regarding classroom teachers leaving teaching in the district and their reasons for leaving. Classroom teachers are regular full-time instructional staff assigned to teach students in classroom situations, including basic instruction, exceptional student education and career and technical education. These data are not available at the school level.
  • Teacher Salary Data 2012-13 (Word, 1MB) Be sure to check the tabs at the bottom of the file to view the correct table.
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