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Data Publications and Reports

  • Average Daily Attendance/Average Daily Membership
  • Absent 21+ Days
  • Change, and Response to Change, in Florida’s Public Schools (PDF, 688KB)
  • Dropout Demographics in Florida's Public Schools, and Dropout Rates (RTF, 8MB)
  • Dropout Rates by School
  • English Language Learners
  • Enrollment Size of Florida's Public Schools
  • Five-Year Graduation Rates
  • Florida Education and Community Data Profiles
  • Florida District Staff Salaries of Selected Positions
  • Florida Public High School Graduates (Single-Year Completers Report)
  • Florida Public High School Graduation Rates
  • Florida Public High School Graduation Rates by School
  • Florida School Indicators Report (This report is no longer produced)
  • Florida Student Progression Requirements and Accompanying Student Performance Data
  • Free/Reduced Price Lunch Eligibility
  • Free/Reduced Price Lunch Eligibility by Survey
  • Gender Representation among Professionals in Florida's Public Schools
  • Graduation and Dropout Rates by District
  • Graduation Rates by School
  • Growth of Minority Student Populations in Florida's Public Schools
  • Guide to Calculations for the Florida School Indicators Report
  • Guide to Calculations for the NCLB School Public Accountability Reports (SPARs), 2009 (Word, 1MB)
  • Guide to Calculations for the School Advisory Council Reports (PDF, 260KB)
  • High Poverty Schools, 2011-12 (Excel, 252KB)

  • Membership in Florida Public Schools
  • School Membership by Grade (PK-12)
  • Membership in Programs for Exceptional Students
  • National Governor's Association (NGA) Graduation Rates by Race
  • Non-Promotions in Florida's Public Schools
  • Postsecondary Plans
  • Profiles of Florida School Districts, Student and Staff Data (note this document is no longer produced)
  • Retention of First - Year Instructional Staff
  • School Advisory Council Reports
  • School District Start and End Dates, 2005-06 through 2012-13 (Excel, 206KB)
  • School Public Accountability Reports (SPARS)
  • Selected Gender Comparisons Among Students in Florida's Public Schools, 2007-08 (RTF, 4MB)
  • Stability Rate
  • Staff in Florida's Public Schools
  • Staff Ratios and Distribution by Race
  • Students New to Public Schools in Florida
  • Teacher Demographics in Florida's Public Schools
  • Teacher Exit Interview Information
  • Teacher Salary, Experience, and Degree Level
  • Technical Guide for the Florida High School Graduation Rate
  • Trends in Discipline and the Decline in the Use of Corporal Punishment
  • Data Publications and Reports