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2012-2013 Student Course Transcript Information

  1. Submit course information for all students in grades 9-12 enrolled in the district during the School Year, including summer school courses, all courses transferred in from other schools, and courses taken for high school credit when the student was in grades below grade 9.

  2. Grade Level Course Information to Send
    12 Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 and any courses below ninth grade that the student took in order to earn credit toward a high school diploma.
    11 Grades 9, 10, 11 and any courses below ninth grade that the student took in order to earn credit toward a high school diploma.
    10 Grades 9, 10 and any other courses below ninth grade that the student took in order to earn credit toward a high school diploma.
    9 Grade 9 and any courses below ninth grade that the student took in order to earn credit toward a high school diploma.
  3. Also submit a record for each Algebra course taken by a student in Grade Levels 7 and 8 at any time during the school year and accompanying summer sessions. Algebra courses are course numbers 1200310, 1200320, 1200370 and 1200380.

  4. Send all courses the student has taken in order to earn credit toward a high school diploma.

  5. For example, if a student took Algebra in Grade 8 and is currently in Grade 9, report the Algebra course along with the courses the student took in Grade 9.

  6. SCHOOL YEAR: Report both the school year in which the course was taken (School Year - Course Taken) and the school year for which the record is being submitted (School Year - Record Submission).

  7. COURSE GRADE: The Course Grade field may contain I for incomplete, NG for no grade assigned or similar grades other than A, B, C, D and F as defined in the DOE Information Data Base Requirements: Volume I -- Automated Student Information System.

  8. GRADE LEVEL: The Grade Level field should contain the Grade Level the student was in at the time the course was taken. NOTE: Only report credits on grade 30 if the student left a secondary K-12 program, entered the Adult High School program as grade 30 and subsequently returned to a secondary K-12 program prior to graduation.

  9. SCHOOL NUMBER, WHERE CREDIT EARNED: The School Number, Where Credit Earned field may contain 0001-9899, 9900, N997, N998, N999, C901-C928 Florida public colleges, U970-U980 Florida public state universities or P001-P999 eligible postsecondary non-public institutions.

  10. COURSE NUMBER, SUBSTITUTED: This field is used with the Course Flag field. The presence of an asterisk (*) as one of the four flags in the Course Flag field indicates that the course specified by the number in the Course Number field is a Department of Education approved substitute for the course specified by the number in this field.

    For example: Course Number is 1802300 (Navy JROTC), Course Flag is *, and Course Number Substituted is 0800300 (Life Management Skills). This indicates that the Navy JROTC course (18023000) will substitute for completion of Life Management Skills (0800300), satisfying the student’s Life Management Skills graduation requirement.

  11. KEY FIELDS: The key fields for this format are item numbers 2-5 and 10-14. If a key field needs to be changed, the record must be deleted and re-submitted as an add.

  12. ERROR CODES: This field is used by the Department to report to districts the specific errors found in the record during the state edit process.  This field should contain filler (spaces, blanks) when the record is transmitted to the Department.

  13. ' * ' indicates key fields.
    (Click on the link to view or download a pdf version of the document)

    Item No. From-To Size Field Char. Field Description
    1 1-14 14 A/N Filler
    2 15-15 1 N/R Survey Period Code *
    3 16-17 2 N/R District Number, Current Enrollment *
    4 18-21 4 A/N/R School Number, Current Enrollment *
    5 22-31 10 A/N Student Number Identifier, Florida *
    6 32-33 2 N/R District Number, Where Credit Earned
    7 34-37 4 A/N/R School Number, Where Credit Earned
    8 38-58 21 A/N Filler
    9 59-62 4 N School Year - Record Submission*
    10 63-66 4 N School Year - Course Taken*
    11 67-68 2 A/N Grade Level *
    12 69-69 1 A/N Term *
    13 70-76 7 A/N Course Number *
    14 77-81 5 A/N Course, Sequence Number *
    15 82-88 7 A/N Course Number, Substituted
    16 89-96 8 A/N Filler
    17 97-98 2 A/N Course, State Subject Area Requirements
    18 99-102 4 A/N Course, Flag
    19 103-103 1 A/N Course Assessment Status
    20 104-106 3 N Credit Attempted, Course
    21 107-109 3 N Credit Earned, Course
    22 110-112 3 A/N/R Course Grade
    23 113-113 1 A Transaction Code
    24 114-115 2 A Course Substituted, State Subject Area Requirements
    25 116-116 1 A Online Course
    26 117-142 26 A/N Filler
    27 143-152 10 A/N Student Number Identifier, Local
    28 153-160 8 A/N Filler/Error Codes

    Last Updated: 7/1/2012