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2006-2007 Teacher Exit Interview

1. Submit this format in reporting period 5 only. This type of record should be submitted for each regular full-time classroom teacher who leaves a teaching position in the district during the Fiscal Year being reported.

2. CLASSROOM TEACHERS: Classroom teachers are staff members assigned the professional activity of instructing students in courses in classroom situations, including basic instruction, exceptional student education, English language learners and vocational-technical education. These teachers have DOE Staff Data Base Job Codes (See Appendix E, JOB CODE ASSIGNMENTS) that place them on Public School Staff Survey EEO-5 lines 21 through 33.

3. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: The social security number must be reported for all teachers leaving teaching. The number should be left justified with a trailing blank.

4. EMPLOYEE TYPE: Include only regular full time (RF) teachers.

5. TEACHING EXPERIENCE: Report the teacherís length of service as a classroom teacher; including both the number of years of classroom teaching in the current district and the years of classroom teaching in schools outside the current district.

6. KEY FIELDS: The key fields for this format are item numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. If a key field needs to be changed, the record must be deleted and re-submitted as an add.

' * ' indicates key Fields

(Click on the link to view or download a pdf version of the document)
Item No. From-To Size Field Char. Field Description
1 1-2 2 N/R District Number *
2 3-12 10 A/N/L Social Security Number *
3 13-13 1 N Survey Period Code *
4 14-17 4 N Fiscal Year *
5 18-25 8 N Date Left Teaching *
6 26-27 2 N Teaching Experience
7 28-28 1 A Separation from Teaching
8 29-33 5 A Voluntary Separation
9 34-34 1 A Future Employment Plans
10 35-35 1 A Transaction Code
11 36-160 125 A/N Filler