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2006-2007 Student Demographic Information

1. For reporting periods 1-4 submit this record for each student receiving instruction/service during that reporting period. Also, send a Student Demographic Information record for each student for whom another record format is being submitted even if the student is not receiving instruction/service during the reporting period. These records include the following: Title I Supplemental Educational Services, Student Discipline/Referral Action and Student Assessment.

2. For reporting period 5 submit this record for any student who was in membership at any time during the school year, as well as any PK-12 student who was expected to attend school but did not enter as expected and any student for whom a Diploma Type of W43, W45 or W52 is being reported on the Student End of Year Status record.

3. For reporting period 9 submit this record for each student for whom an Institution Number, Neglected/Delinquent code is being reported and for each student for whom a Title I Supplemental Educational record format is being reported.

4. Do not send a Student Demographic Information record for a student who is in Home Education unless the student is also receiving instruction/service from the school district during the reporting period.

5. STUDENT NAME LEGAL: The district must submit student names for each student. The student name field will be used to ensure efficient editing and verification of records during reporting periods and to facilitate Department monitoring and auditing activities requiring access to district individual student records.

6. For reporting periods 1 and 4, (summer session) district of enrollment (item 2) and district of instruction/service (item 1) will always be the same number and school of enrollment will be the school providing instruction or service.

7. SCHOOL NUMBER, CURRENT ENROLLMENT: For Survey 9, for students for whom an Institution Number, Neglected/Delinquent code is being reported, report the school of enrollment as of the time the student attended the Neglected/Delinquent Institution.

8. YEAR: For reporting periods 1 through 4 and 9, this field will contain fiscal year. For reporting period 5, this field will contain school year. Refer to the element Year in the DOE Information Data Base Requirements: Volume I - Automated Student Information System for definitions.

9. INSTITUTION NUMBER, NEGLECTED/DELINQUENT: The number assigned to the institution for neglected or delinquent children as defined in Title I, Parts A and D, of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended by Public Law 107-110.

Report this number in survey period 9 for students who are ages 5-17 inclusive who resided in an institution for neglected or delinquent children or an adult correctional facility for at least 30 consecutive days at least one of which was in October of the reporting year. Submit up to two eligible institutions. Matching records are not required for these students in survey period 9.

For Survey Period 5 submit this number for any student who resided in a non-school institution for neglected or delinquent students at any time during the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30 of the reporting year).

10. ZONED DISTRICT AND SCHOOL: Submit this information in Survey Period 3 for each student whose School Number, Current Enrollment is an alternative school as indicated on the Master School Identification file with a Primary Service Type equal to B.

11. KEY FIELDS: The key fields for this format are item numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. If a key field needs to be changed, the record must be deleted and re-submitted as an add.

' * ' indicates key fields.

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Item No. From-To Size Field Char. Field Description
1 1-2 2 N/R District Number, Current Instruction/Service *
2 3-4 2 N/R District Number, Current Enrollment *
3 5-8 4 A/N/R School Number, Current Enrollment *
4 9-18 10 A/N Student Number Identifier, Florida *
5 19-19 1 N Survey Period Code *
6 20-23 4 N Year *
7 24-33 10 A/N Student Number Identifier - Alias, Florida
8 34-75 42 A/N/L Student Name, Legal
9 76-81 6 A/N Filler
10 82-82 1 A Gender
11 83-83 1 A Racial/Ethnic Category
12 84-85 2 A/N District Number, Zoned School
13 86-89 4 A/N School Number, Zoned School
14 90-96 7 A/N Filler
15 97-98 2 A English Language Learners, PK-12
16 99-99 1 A/N Resident Status, State/County
17 100-101 2 A/N Grade Level
18 102-102 1 A/N Student Characteristic, Agency Programs
19 103-103 1 A Transaction Code
20 104-105 2 A/N Native Language, Student
21 106-106 1 A/N Filler
22 107-108 2 A/N Primary Language Spoken in Home
23 109-110 2 A/N Country of Birth
24 111-118 8 A/N English Language Learners: Home Language Survey Date
25 119-126 8 N Birth Date
26 127-129 3 A/N Filler
27 130-137 8 A/N Qualifying Arrival Date (QAD) for Migrant Program Eligibility
28 138-138 1 A/N Lunch Status
29 139-139 1 A Filler
30 140-140 1 A Additional School Year Student
31 141-141 1 A/N Migrant Status Term
32 142-142 1 A/N Graduation Option
33 143-146 4 A/N Institution Number, Neglected/Delinquent (First)
34 147-150 4 A/N Institution Number, Neglected/Delinquent (Second)
35 151-160 10 A/N Filler