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2004-2005 Dropout Prevention Program Evaluation

1. Submit a separate format by school for each program in which the student was enrolled for any length of time.

2. TERM: To show the student participated in a dropout prevention program during the regular school year, use code 3 (annual). To indicate summer or intersession (for year round schools) participation, use code S (Combined Summer Sessions). If the student participated in dropout prevention programs during the regular school year and summer school/intersessions, send separate records by Term.

3. DROPOUT PREVENTION LENGTH OF PRESCRIBED PROGRAM: The length in school days of the prescribed dropout prevention program must be greater than zero and less than 181. However, a non-adjudicated delinquent student participating in a Department of Juvenile Justice program may have a prescribed program length of zero. The length of the prescribed dropout prevention program is the number of days the student is expected to participate in order to benefit substantially.

4. DROPOUT PREVENTION LENGTH OF PROGRAM PARTICIPATION: The length in school days of the student's actual participation (attendance) in the dropout prevention program being reported. The length of program participation must be greater than zero and less than or equal to 250.

5. DROPOUT PREVENTION ENROLLMENT DATE: The date the student was first enrolled in each dropout prevention program in which he/she participated within each school. If the student was enrolled in more than one program, enrollment dates may vary. Therefore, track the enrollment date for each program within each school.

6. DROPOUT PREVENTION WITHDRAWAL DATE: The last date the student was officially withdrawn or dismissed from each dropout prevention program within each school. For a student enrolled in multiple programs, withdrawal dates may vary.

7. Number 8, below is, applicable only if the student was a participant in a Teenage Parent Program.

8. TEENAGE PARENT PROGRAM BIRTH WEIGHT OF CHILD: This is a yes/no (Y/N) indicator as to whether or not a child born to a female Teenage Parent Program participant weighted at least 5 pounds 8 ounces at delivery. Use code "Z" for circumstances which are not applicable, such as: no child born, not a live birth, multiple births wherein all children cannot be classified the same, student entered the program after the second trimester of her pregnancy, or participant was a father. Track this outcome through the end of the appropriate school term.

9. KEY FIELDS: The key fields for this format are item numbers 3-5, 7, 16, 17, 18 and 22.

10. If a student is enrolled in Dropout Prevention/Juvenile Justice Programs and is a Mentoring Program Participant, send a separate record for each and code one or the other as Z, but do not code both as Z.

*Field Characteristics

Item No. From-To Size Field Char. Field Description
1 1-2 2 N/R District Number, Current Enrollment
2 3-6 4 A/N/R School Number, Current Enrollment
3 7-16 10 A/N Student Number Identifier, Florida
4 17-17 1 A/N Survey Period Code - Always '5'
5 18-21 4 N School Year
6 22-27 6 A/N Filler
7 28-28 1 A Dropout Prevention/Juvenile Justice Programs
8 29-31 3 N Dropout Prevention Length of Prescribed Program
9 32-34 3 N Dropout Prevention Length of Program Participation
10 35-37 3 A/N Filler
11 38-42 5 A/N Filler
12 43-49 7 A/N Filler
13 50-50 1 A/N Teenage Parent Program - Birth Weight of Child
14 51-56 6 A/N Filler
15 57-57 1 A Transaction Code
16 58-59 2 N/R District Number, Current Instruction/Service
17 60-63 4 N/R School Number, Current Instruction/Service
18 64-64 1 A/N Term
19 65-65 1 A/N Filler
20 66-73 8 A/N Dropout Prevention Program Enrollment Date
21 74-81 8 A/N Dropout Prevention Program Withdrawal Date
22 82-82 1 A Mentoring Program Participant
23 83-85 3 N Mentoring Program Participant's Days of Contact
24 86-160 75 A/N Filler