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  Office of Equal Educational Opportunity  

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Programs and Services

Educational Access

  • Florida College Access Network (FCAN) The goal of FCAN is to increase the rates of learning for all students and ensure maximum achievement for all, especially for historically underrepresented students. FCAN ensures that communities are aware of resources, tools, methods and strategies that assist providers of academic support and educational access as they challenge their students toward academic excellence. FCAN also provides a annual conference as a forum for secondary and postsecondary access programs to share new information and exemplary practices, to connect with DOE staff, and to learn about educational resources statewide. The FCAN conference is supported by business leaders and community sponsors who enable grassroots providers the opportunity for networking, information sharing and connecting with other providers, students and educational resources. FCAN fills a public-awareness gap to connect access providers to resources necessary for academic achievement in preparation for higher edacation.

Educational Equity

  • monitoring for equity in education, including evaluation of methods and strategies to promote student achievement;
  • consultation on policies, procedures and practices for civil rights compliance and equity in education;
  • training and technical assistance on topics dealing with civil rights and equity in education; and