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College Reach-Out Program 2008-2009

Florida Statue 1007.34

The College Reach-Out Program (CROP) was established in 1983 by the Florida Legislature to motivate and prepare educationally disadvantaged, low-income students in grades 6 through 12 to pursue and successfully complete a postsecondary education. Participants are students who otherwise would be unlikely to seek admission to a community college, state university, or independent postsecondary institution without special support and recruitment efforts. Funds are appropriated by the Legislature to the Department of Education and allocated competitively to postsecondary institutions around the state.

CROP is presently serving approximately 7,600 students through ten state universities, twenty-five community colleges, and four independent postsecondary institutions. Approximately 72% of these students are African-American, 13% are white, 12% are Hispanic, 1% is Asian American, less than 1% is American Indian, and approximately 2% other. The 2007-2008 state appropriation is $3,399,990, and participating postsecondary institutions have proposed to match the state appropriation, from internal and external funding sources, with cash and in-kind services equaling 140% of the state award.

The yearly evaluation of the College Reach-Out Program has found that CROP "is strengthening the educational preparation and motivation of low-income educationally disadvantaged students." For the 2005-06 project year, 79 percent of high school seniors served by CROP received a standard diploma, compared to 59 percent of the random sample. Of those CROP graduates, 73 percent went on to pursue a postsecondary education, compared to 56 percent of the random sample.

The program enrolls most students in middle school, thereby preparing them early for future success in college. Almost 40 percent of the participating students are in grades 6-8. Summer on-campus residency programs and year-round contact with students, including academic and motivational sessions, further enhance the students' college aspirations.

For more information about the College Reach-Out Program, please call the Office of Equity and Access, Florida Department of Education, at (850) 245-0511.

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