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Florida's school system is the 4th largest school system in the nation. Florida's 67 public school districts are comprised of more than 4,000 public schools (including public charter schools) that enroll almost 3 million students annually. From Early Learning to Postsecondary, this inclusive Educators area has course descriptions, legislative links, information on standards and links to various sections of the Department of Education.

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Curriculum, Instruction,
Student Services
Educator Quality Student Achievement and School Improvement

Florida Standards
Bureau of Curriculum and Instruction
Exceptional Education Student Services
English Language Learners Student Services
Early Learning/Elementary
Middle School
High School
Course Code Directory
Course Code Descriptions
Course Numbering System
Educator Certification
Postsecondary Assessment
Teach In Florida
Florida Educator Accomplished Practices
Teacher Evaluations
Race To The Top
Value-Added Model
Rules and Policies
Professional Development
Florida School Leaders
K-12 Assessment
Differentiated Accountability
School Improvement
Federal Education Programs

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