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The Educational Plant Survey is a systematic study that aids in the formulation of plans for housing the educational program and student population, faculty, administrators, staff, and auxiliary and ancillary services of the district or campus. The survey, which may be conducted by agency staff or an agency employed by the board, must be conducted at least every five(5) years. A copy of the survey must be submitted to the Department of Education, Office of Educational Facilities, for review and validation.

Components of District Educational Plant surveys

Sections 1013.03 and 1013.64, F.S.
State Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF), Section 3.1, FAC.
  1. Correct inventory data
  2. Appropriate inventory changes; i.e., satisfactory to unsatisfactory, etc.
  3. New square footage within normal allocation limits
  4. Cost projections that are within state required cost limits
  5. Distribution of state-generated enrollment projections (K-12)
  6. Facility lists that are within normal limits
  7. Uniform utilization factors
  8. Survey recommendations for existing and new plants
  9. Summary of cost for survey recommendations
  10. Documented need of programs offered per site
  11. Documented approval of vocational and adult programs by the Division of Workforce Development
  12. Assigned student stations to required areas
  13. Documentation showing utilization of plants based on regular and extended day/year round operation
  14. <
  15. Capacity of existing satisfactory facilities - Permanent and relocatables
  16. Past and projected membership trends
  17. Financial trends in assessed valuation
  18. Required local millage contribution
  19. Current tax levies on non-exempt property
  20. Debt service obligations
  21. Anticipated state revenue allocations
  22. Plan for financing the proposed facility program

Additional Survey Information:

If you have any questions about the K-12 Educational Plant Survey please contact Violet W. Brown at or (850) 245-9232.


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