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Reinstatement of a Professional Certificate

Effective with Applications Received January 7, 2003, and After

Requirements for Reinstatement:

Frequently Asked Reinstatement Questions:

Applying for Reinstatement

  1. How long do I have to complete reinstatement requirements?
    When you apply for reinstatement, the Bureau will review your complete application and current documents in your certification file, and send you a letter within 30 days that lists your specific requirements for reinstatement. You have one year from the date your application for reinstatement is received by the Bureau to mail your official transcript and official score report(s) to the Bureau showing you completed your requirements. The letter from the Bureau will verify the one-year expiration date for you. It is important that you send in a complete application form, because the Bureau will not review application forms that are incomplete, and the one-year life of the application form cannot be extended.

  2. Do I have to reinstate all the subjects on my expired certificate?
    No. You may reinstate any one or more eligible subject(s) from your expired certificate. A processing fee of $75.00 is required for each reinstated certificate that is issued. This means that if you are reinstating more than one subject and all subject requirements are submitted at the same time under the first application, the fee is still just $75.00. However, if you reinstate one subject with your first application and wish to add others at a later time, an application and $75.00 fee will be required for subsequent additions.

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