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Alternative Certification
1. I do not meet the subject area requirements for any certification subjects. Can I enroll in an alternative certification program to become eligible for a Temporary Certificate?
2. How do I apply for alternative certification?
Application Process
1. Do I have to indicate a subject on my application or will you determine the subject for me?
2. Is the CG-10 form the only thing I need to submit to apply for certification?
3. What do you mean by a complete application package?
4. How long is my application valid?
5. Since my application is valid for one year, does it matter when I submit my fee and transcripts?
Yes. Applications are scheduled for processing by their completion date. Only complete application packages are placed in line for processing. The longer you wait to complete your application package, the longer you will have to wait for your application to be processed.

6. If I send additional documents after I submit my CG-10 Application form, will they be placed in my file?
7. When will my application be processed?
8. Will you hold my check until my application is processed?
9. Can I apply for more than one subject?
10. What am I paying for when I submit my application processing fee?
11. I submitted my official transcript with a prior application. Do I have to resubmit it?
12. If I apply online, should I also submit a hardcopy application by mail?
13. I earned my degree(s) in a country other than the United States. What do I send to the Bureau when I apply for a certificate?
14. When will I be issued a Florida DOE# and how will I know what number I have been assigned?
15. Why is my social security number collected and how will it be used?
1. Do I need a certificate to teach in Florida?
2. Can I download and print a hard copy CG-10 Application Form from the internet?
3. What types of Educator Certificates are issued by the State of Florida?
4. What are the requirements for a Temporary Certificate?
5. What are the requirements for a Professional Certificate?
6. Do I have to hold a Temporary Certificate before I can hold a Professional Certificate?
7. If I apply for a Temporary Certificate and you determine that I am eligible for a Professional Certificate, will I have to reapply?
8. I have a Temporary Certificate that will be expiring soon. Can I apply for another Temporary Certificate?
9. Do I need to keep my Official Statement of Status of Eligibility after my Temporary Certificate is issued?
1. Where can I find information about teaching jobs in Florida’s public schools?
2. Do I need a certificate to look for a teaching job?
3. Is the CG-10 Certification Application Form also an employment application?
1. How and when do I get my fingerprints processed?
2. I have a criminal offense record. Will that delay the issuance of my certificate?
1. Does Florida have reciprocity with other states?
1. How do I know if I need to take any certification tests?
2. Where can I find information about test registration and study materials?
1. Where can I obtain a CG-10 Application Form?
2. Are grade reports, photocopies of transcripts, or internet printouts of transcripts acceptable?
3. Does the college/university have to send my transcript directly to the Bureau of Educator Certification?
4. I recently completed my bachelor's degree requirements. Can you process my application if my degree is not on my transcript?
5. Can I fax or e-mail my transcript to you for a preliminary evaluation of my credentials?
6. I earned my degree(s) in a country other than the United States. What do I send to the Bureau when I apply for a certificate?

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