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Application Process
1. Do I have to indicate a subject on my application or will you determine the subject for me?
2. Is the CG-10 form the only thing I need to submit to apply for certification?
3. What do you mean by a complete application package?
4. How long is my application valid?
5. Since my application is valid for one year, does it matter when I submit my fee and transcripts?
6. If I send additional documents after I submit my CG-10 Application form, will they be placed in my file?
7. When will my application be processed?
8. Will you hold my check until my application is processed?
9. Can I apply for more than one subject?
10. What am I paying for when I submit my application processing fee?
11. I submitted my official transcript with a prior application. Do I have to resubmit it?
12. If I apply online, should I also submit a hardcopy application by mail?
13. I earned my degree(s) in a country other than the United States. What do I send to the Bureau when I apply for a certificate?
14. When will I be issued a Florida DOE# and how will I know what number I have been assigned?
15. Why is my social security number collected and how will it be used?

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