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File/Print Services

File/Print Services maintains servers which provide file storage, shared access areas, printing capability, virus protection and e-mail services to the Department of Education employees. The File/Print Services team supports these servers by:
  • Creating ID's and providing access to files, printers, applications, virus protection and e-mail.
  • Providing security information on request to the Auditor's Office and the State Technology Office
  • Performing backups of servers to tape storage for the purpose of a disaster recovery
  • Installing and maintaining servers, printers and other network devices
  • Installing and maintaining network operating system software and hardware
  • Maintaining the integrity of the servers by gathering and analyzing performance statistics
  • Researching and developing ways to enhance server systems so users in the department can do their jobs more efficiently
  • Managing IP addressing for DOE which includes assigning an IP address for every network device, and monitoring changes and additions.
  • Managing the e-mail system including the Outlook 365 servers and firewalls
  • Providing anti-virus protection for all servers
  • Implementing new products as necessary to improve server security and reliability

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