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The following files are PDF files and require Acrobat Reader to view.

  • dpe01-01 2000 Quality Educator Legislation
  • dpe01-02 Certification and Educator Misconduct Issues
  • dpe01-03 2000 Quality Educator Legislation/Recovery Network Program
  • dpe01-04 Professional Development Academy Grants
  • dpe01-05  2000 District Professional Development Systems
  • dpe-01-06 2000 Quality Educator Legislation/Teacher Preparation and June 13, 2000, State Board of Education Rule Amendments on Teacher Preparation
    • dpe-01-06a Attachment: Summary of Changes
    • dpe-01-06b Attachment: 2000 Legislative Changes
    • dpe-01-06c Attachment: State Board of Education Rule 6A-5.066
  • dpe-01-07  Mathematics and Science Professional Development Grants
    • dpe-01-07a Attachment: Guidelines for Submitting Applications 2000-2001
  • dpe-01-08  Bureau of Educator Certification Partnership Training - Level I
  • dpe-01-09  Information Relating to “Out-of-field” Teacher Designation
    • dpe01-09a Attachment: Timelines for Completion of the ESOL Training Requirements (Powerpoint File)
  • dpe-01-10  Florida League of Teachers Directory of Services
  • dpe-01-11 Excellent Teaching Program Funds
  • dpe-01-12 Florida Performance Measurement System
  • dpe-01-13 Excellent Teaching Program Funds (Mentoring Bonus)
  • dpe-02-01 Educator Certification Legislative and Policy Changes
  • dpe-02-02 2001-2002 Florida Excellent Teaching Program Update
  • dpe-02-04 Educator Misconduct
  • dpe-02-05 Principal Certification
  • dpe-02-06 Excellent Teaching Program Candidate Subsidy Program/ Retake Funds
  • dpe-02-07 Excellent Teaching Program Funds (Salary Bonus)
  • dpe-02-08  Performance Pay Survey
    • dpe02-08a Attachment: Performance Pay Survey
  • dpe-02-09  Professional Development System Evaluation Protocol
    • dpe02-09a Attachment: Professional Development System Evaluation Protocol
  • dpe-02-10  2001-2002 Mentoring Bonus Payments for National Board Certified Teachers
  • dpe-02-11  Excellent Teaching Program Funds (Mentoring Bonus)
  • dpe-02-12  Renewal Application Forms (CG-10R) (Attatchment not available on-line)
  • dpe-02-14  Florida Excellent Teaching Program Technical Assistance Document
    • dpe02-14a Florida Excellent Teaching Program - Forms
  • dpe-02-15  Digital Fingerprinting
  • dpe-02-16 Educator Certification Legislative Changes
  • dpe-03-01 New Certification Reading Endorsement
  • dpe-03-02 District Hiring Policies Regarding Credit for Years of Service – Legislative Changes and Survey
  • dpe-03-03 Fingerprint Reports/Issue Requests