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Air Indoor Resources - Hazardous Waste Management

Transporter of Hazardous Waste

All waste transporters are required to have a U.S. EPA Identification Number and hold a Department of Transportation Hazardous Waste Hauler’s License. Additionally, the transporter must be registered to haul waste in the “Destination State.”

Transport company drivers are required to be qualified according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA), which requires each driver to complete a road test and pass a written exam. In addition, the transport drivers must be trained for safe handling of hazardous waste and be knowledgeable regarding: emergency response, proper DOT shipping names, classes, labels, correct truck placards, hazardous waste manifests, and documentation.

Generators of hazardous waste are considered responsible and liable for proper handling and disposal of their hazardous waste through their transporter. Generators, contractors, and transporters who prepare the waste for shipment are required to properly package, mark, and label containers. Proper packaging of waste ensures no spill or release of waste from container during transport. Marking and labeling enables transporters and officials to identify the waste and rapidly respond to emergencies posed by the hazard.

DOT mandates the proper symbols on the transport vehicle to identify the type of waste being transported. The symbols on the labels enable the firefighter, police, and local officials to immediately respond to the hazards during an emergency. The EPA requires transporters to comply with procedures for hazardous waste spill cleanup. DEP’s Currently Registered Hazardous Waste Transporters.

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