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Air Indoor Resources - Hazardous Waste Management


Generators that accumulate hazardous waste on-site must ensure that containers are properly labeled (40 CFR 262.34). Container marking and labeling should provide two pieces of information:

  1. Date the waste is first added to the container; and
  2. Date the waste is prepared for transport.

When the waste is first added to the container, the label must read: “Hazardous Waste—Federal Law Prohibits Improper Disposal. If found call the nearest police or public safety authority, or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

“Generator Information” includes name, address, city, state, and zip code. EPA ID Number is the 12-digit EPA ID Number given to you from your Notification of Regulated Waste application. EPA waste numbers/codes are the characteristic or listed hazardous waste numbers/codes for the D, F, K, P, and U wastes. The contents should be clearly identified on the label through a description such as “D001, Acetone.”

The Department of Transportation, Emergency Response Guidebook (PDF) for first responders is used during the initial phase of hazardous incidents. It is also used to reference hazard classes or division numbers, whether United Nation or North American -- UN/NA. It is a good resource for finding the “Proper DOT Shipping Name” and the UN or NA designation to be filled in on the first line of the typical yellow “Hazardous Waste” label.

The Accumulation Start Date must be marked on the label when the waste is first placed in the container OR a log must be attached to the container. DOT regulations require the word “WASTE” to precede the DOT Shipping Name and the six-digit DOT Identification Number (i.e., Waste Acetone UN1090) found on the DOT Hazardous Materials Table found in 49 CFR Section 172.101.

Other DOT (49 CFR Part 171-179) markings and placards require each container to display the appropriate diamond-shaped placard corresponding to DOT hazardous material classifications: flammable, corrosive, reactive, and toxic. This is usually done by the transporter, but the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook is easier to refer to for this information than the rules.

The last information needed on the yellow Hazardous Waste label is the Manifest Document Number (also called Manifest Tracking/Document Number), which is a number unique to every manifest.

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