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Air Indoor Resources - Hazardous Waste Management

Florida and Hazardous Waste

In past years, the EPA has encouraged states and territories throughout the nation to take over major portions of the RCRA hazardous waste regulatory process. “State Authorization” is a rulemaking process by which EPA delegates the primary responsibility of implementing the RCRA hazardous waste program to individual states.

As a result, in 1980 the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) incorporated by reference the Federal RCRA Hazardous Waste rules in Chapter 62-730, Florida Administrative Code (FAC). Although the state has adopted the federal RCRA rules, it also has the right to impose more stringent regulations that the DEP feels necessary to protect the water and land of the State of Florida. Due to shallow groundwater aquifers, hazardous waste is more stringently managed in Florida to ensure uncontaminated drinking water.

The DEP’s web page, Hazardous Waste in Business, Government, and Educational Facilities presents useful waste information. The DEP web site also offers a December 2006 publication, Florida’s Handbook for Small Quantity Generators of Hazardous Waste (PDF), and DEP Waste Management Rules.

The Florida P2 program can technically assist with pollution prevention (P2) strategies. As part of the P2 process, a waste exchange network formed called the Southern Waste Information Exchange (1-800-441-SWIX). 

The Southern Waste Information Exchange is a nonprofit clearinghouse for reusable or recyclable items as an alternative to treatment, landfills, or incineration of wastes. Such wastes are listed in a publication circulated to generators, recyclers, and waste brokers. If another entity can use your waste, it can contact you through SWIX.

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