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Application for EPA Identification Number

Section 3010, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Subtitle C, requires any person who generates (small and large quantity generators), transports, or recycles regulated waste to notify EPA of such activity including location, and general description of the process/activities and wastes handled and stored for disposal. An EPA ID Number is issued to each generator, transporter, and treatment, storage and disposal facility.

Technically, the 12-digit EPA ID Number identifies the address of the generator site of the hazardous waste storage area and is considered site-specific. Re-notification is required when the owner of the waste changes or the address of the hazardous waste storage facility has changed.

In the State of Florida, facilities that are considered a Small Quantity Generator (generate 220 to 2,200 pounds per month of listed or characteristic waste hazardous waste) are required to obtain a DEP/EPA Generator Identification Number. This is obtained by completing the U.S. Notification of Regulated Waste Activity, EPA Form 8700-12, which is called Instructions for Preparing the 8700-12FL – Florida Notification of Regulated Waste Activity, Form number 62-730.900(1)(b). (PDF)

Any facility that generates over 220 pounds of RCRA hazardous waste, generates 2.2 pounds of acute RCRA hazardous waste per month, or stores over 11,000 pounds of waste on-site is required to apply for an EPA ID Number. Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators are exempt from this disclosure under 40 CFR Part 261.5.

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