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Air Indoor Resources - Asbestos

Asbestos Training & Periodic Surveillance

Before implementation of the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) provisions of the management plan, the LEA shall conduct 2-hour Asbestos Awareness Training to all maintenance and custodial staff members who may work in a building containing ACBM. New employee shall be trained within 60 days after commencement of employment. The training is required to cover:
  1. Information regarding asbestos and its various uses and forms;
  2. Information on the health effects associated with asbestos exposure;
  3. Locations of ACBM identified throughout each school building in which they work;
  4. Recognition of damage, deterioration, and delamination of ACBM;
  5. Name and telephone number of the person designated to carry out general LEA responsibilities (Section 763.84) and the availability and location of the management plan.

The LEAs must ensure that all members of its maintenance and custodial staff who conduct any activities that will result in the disturbance of ACBM receive the 2-hour Asbestos Awareness Training plus 14 hours of additional training to include:

  1. Descriptions of the proper methods of handling ACBM;
  2. Information on the use of respiratory protection as contained in the EPA/NIOSH Guide to Respiratory Protection for the Asbestos Abatement Industry, September 1986 (EPA 560/OPPTS-86-001), available from the EPA via (202) 554-1404, TDD: (202) 544-0551, and other personal protection measures;
  3. Hands-on training in the use of respiratory protection, other personal protection measures, and good work practices;
  4. LEA maintenance and custodial staff who have attended EPA-approved asbestos training or received equivalent training for O&M and periodic surveillance activities involving asbestos shall be considered trained for the purposes of this section;
  5. Periodic surveillance shall be conducted at least once every six (6) months after a management plan is in effect, each LEA shall conduct periodic surveillance in each building that it leases, owns, or otherwise uses as a school building that contains ACBM, or is assumed to contain ACBM;
  6. Each person performing periodic surveillance must: visually inspect all areas that are identified in the management plan as ACBM or assumed ACBM; record the date of the surveillance, his or her name, and any changes in the condition of the materials;
  7. Person designated to carry out general LEA responsibilities under Sec. 763.84 is required to include a copy of such documentation in the management plan.

Maintenance and custodial worker training does not require EPA approval. All training of school personnel must be documented and included into the management plan. LEA must provide training information to include: person’s name, job title, date, location and hours of training.

The following persons must be accredited through an EPA or state-approved course:

  1. Building Inspectors – minimum three (3) days or 24 hours of training designed to identify and describe ACBM in order to prepare a written inspection report
  2. Management Planners – two (2)-day or 16 hour course training that is considered an extension to the building inspector training but is designed to teach the development of a schedule (or plan) for implementation of response actions for hazards identified in the inspection report; O&M plan and management plan development as well as their respective updates.
  3. Project Designers – three (3)-day or 24 hours of abatement design training for response actions and abatement projects as well as covering the basics of architectural design, engineering controls and proper work practices with regards to AHERA rules.
  4. Contractors/Supervisors – minimum of five (5)-days or 40 hours of training that covers work practices, legal liabilities, contract specifications, insurance, bonding and air monitoring.
  5. Asbestos Workers – minimum of four (4)-days or 32 hours of training covering work practices, procedures, personal protective equipment, health effects of asbestos exposure and abatement information.

Project Designers, Contractors/Supervisors, and Asbestos Workers must complete one-day annual refresher training for reaccreditation. Building Inspectors require a half-day refresher and Management Planners includes additional half-day training. All training documentation must be kept on record in the management plan.

Periodic surveillance is required once every six (6) months after the management plan is in effect. Visual inspection of all area identified in the plan as ACBM or assumed ACBM. The person conducting the surveillance is required to document the date of the surveillance, name and any changes in the condition of the material. This information is required to be submitted to the LEAs designee for inclusion into the management plan.

If the building no longer contains ACM or ACBM or has been built with no asbestos materials, the LEA is eligible for an exclusion under 763.99(a)(1)(2)(3)(5)(6) and (7). Under 763.99(7) an architect or engineer can sign an exclusion statement indicating that no ACBM is specified for us in the construction of a building built after October 12, 1988.

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