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Asbestos Management Plans

After an accredited inspector identified and documented ACBM in the inspection report, an accredited Management Planner uses this report to address ACBM hazards. The inspection report will become part of a site-specific document Asbestos management plan that is developed by the accredited planner. The management plan must be updated as ongoing reinspections, periodic surveillance, operations and maintenance, and response actions are taken.

Each school must be identified by name and address for each building and whether it contains friable ACBM, nonfriable ACBM, friable and nonfriable as well as suspected or assumed ACBM. Minimally, each inspection conducted that will be included in the management plan requires:

  1. Date of inspection or reinspection;
  2. Name, address, and telephone number of the LEA designated person to ensure that the duties of the LEA are carried out, the course name, dates, and hours of training.
  3. State and accreditation number for each accredited person (or a copy of accreditation certification);
  4. Description the manner used to determine sampling locations, and the name and signature of each accredited inspector collecting samples, the state of accreditation, and his or her accreditation number;
  5. Blueprint, diagram, or written description of each school building that identifies clearly each location and approximate square or linear footage of any homogeneous areas sampled for ACM, and, if possible, the exact locations where bulk samples were collected, and the date(s) of collection;
  6. Copy of the analyses of any bulk samples including the name and address of laboratory with a statement the lab meets accreditation with accreditation number, name and signature of person performing each analysis as well as date(s) of analyses, and a copy of any other laboratory reports pertaining to the analyses;
  7. Detailed description in the form of a blueprint, diagram, or in writing of any ACBM or suspected ACBM assumed to be ACM which remains in the school once response actions have been undertaken. This description shall be updated as response actions are completed;
  8. Detailed description of all preventive measures and response actions to be taken, including methods to be used, for any friable ACBM, the locations where such measures and action will be taken, reasons for selecting the response action or preventive measure, and a schedule for beginning and completing each preventive measure and response action;
  9. Plans for reinspection, operations and maintenance activities, periodic surveillance, a description of the recommendations made by the Management Planner regarding additional cleaning under Sec. 763.91(c)(2) as part of an operations and maintenance program, and the response of the LEA to the recommendations;
  10. Description of steps taken to inform workers and building occupants, or their legal guardians, about inspections, reinspections, response actions, and post-response action activities, including periodic reinspection and surveillance activities that are planned or in progress.
  11. Evaluation of the resources needed to complete response actions successfully and carry out reinspection, operations and maintenance activities, periodic surveillance and training;
  12. Upon submission of a management plan to the Governor for review, the LEA shall keep a copy of the plan in its administrative office. The management plans shall be available, without cost or restriction, for inspection by representatives of EPA and the State, the public, including teachers, other school personnel and their representatives, and parents. The LEA may charge a reasonable cost to make copies of management plans.

Each LEA must maintain an updated copy of a management plan for each school in its administrative office. The management plans shall be available, during normal business hours, without cost for inspection by representatives of EPA, State, and the public, including teachers, other school personnel and their representatives, parents and workers within 5 working days after receiving a request for inspection. The LEA may charge a reasonable cost to make copies of management plans.

Upon submission of its management plan to the Governor and at least once each school year, the LEA shall notify in writing parent, teacher, and employee organizations of the availability of management plans and shall include in the management plan a description of the steps taken to notify such organizations, and a dated copy of the notification.

All records required shall be prepared and managed by the LEA and maintained as part of the management plan. Each management plan must contain a true and correct statement, signed by the individual designated by the LEA certifying that the general LEA responsibilities have been met or will be met.

Model AHERA Asbestos Management Plan for Local Educational Agencies (PDF)
AHERA Asbestos Management Plan, Self-Audit Checklist for Designated Persons (PDF)

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