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Asbestos Inspections & Assessments

LEA’s are required to have an accredited inspector inspect all school building structures leased, owned or otherwise utilized as a school building within 30 days of use in order to identify all locations of friable and nonfriable ACBM. Subsequent, reinspections are required at least once every three (3) years after a management plan is in effect; again, by an accredited inspector to conduct the assessment or reassessment of friable material. There are two (2) elements to an AHERA inspection: identification and physical assessment.

A visual inspection of all locations to identify suspect ACBM as well as physical touching of the suspected ACBM is required to determine how friable the material reacts. For areas where friable or assumed ACBM have previously been identified, the inspector is required to assess these areas again. For areas where suspect ACBM exist that are not assumed ACM, the inspector will thoroughly document location, medium (surfacing material, thermal insulation or miscellaneous materials) and collect samples for laboratory analyses.

The results of the AHERA inspection and assessment require a subsequent written “inspection report “signed by the accredited inspector annotated with the inspector(s) accreditation number. This report is used by the management planner to make written recommendations with regards to appropriate response actions.

The accredited inspector is required to give reasons in the written assessment for the classification of the physical assessment of ACBM, suspected or assumed ACBM into the following categories:
  1. Damaged or significantly damaged thermal system insulation ACM;
  2. Damaged friable surfacing ACM;
  3. Significantly damaged friable surfacing ACM;
  4. Damaged or significantly damaged friable miscellaneous ACM;
  5. ACBM with potential for damage;
  6. ACBM with potential for significant damage;
  7. Any remaining friable ACBM or friable suspected ACBM.
Significantly damaged encompasses of 10% or 25% localized areas over a functional space. The potential for significant damage is warranted if continual disturbance from factors such as accessibility, vibration or air erosion are present.

The assessment may include the following considerations, such as location, condition (extent and severity of damage), accessibility, known or suspected ACBM, causes of damage and preventive measures which might eliminate the reasonable likelihood of undamaged ACM from becoming significantly damaged.

The LEA shall select an accredited Management Planner to develop a management plan to review the results of each inspection, reinspection, and assessment for the school building and to conduct any other necessary activities in order to recommend, in writing to the LEA, any appropriate response actions. The accredited person shall sign and date the recommendation and provide his or her state accreditation number. This documentation is required to be included in the asbestos management plan by the LEAs designated person within 30 days.

The National Directory of AHERA Accredited Courses (NDAAC) offers nationwide approved asbestos courses for asbestos professional training. In addition, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Chapter 469, Florida Statutes, offers courses and licenses the following asbestos providers:
  1. Contractor/Supervisor Course (Project Management and Supervision Course)
  2. Surveys & Mechanical Systems Course (Inspector)
  3. Management Planner Course
  4. Abatement Worker Course
  5. Respiratory Protection Course
  6. On-site Roofing Supervisor Course
  7. Project Designer
  8. Asbestos Abatement Sampling (NIOSH 582)
  9. Basic Asbestos Course
The EPA and EPA-approved state of Florida programs proctor exams and appoint an accreditation number on the certificate for those who pass. Verify a Florida Asbestos license.

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