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CONTACT PERSON NAME: Steve Kimble May 16, 2002 PHONE: (850)488-6303 SUNCOM: 278-6303 DPBM: 02-96 M E M O R A N D U M TO: District School Superintendents FROM: Wayne V. Pierson SUBJECT: Five-Year Projection of Capital Outlay FTE Student Enrollment Projections of student enrollment are used for several important planning processes for school districts, one of which is planning for facility needs. In past years, regular term FTE projections were generated by the DOE and provided to the districts for review. The regular term growth rates were then used to calculate capital outlay FTE projections. This year the capital outlay FTE projections have been created separately from the regular term FTE projections because of recent growth of non-capital outlay FTE, such as charter schools. The preliminary regular term projections will be sent to you in June 2002 for review. Attached are two reports. The first report is actual, by school, 2001-2002 Capital Outlay FTE. These data are used for the distribution of Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO) funds. This report should reflect actual data that was reported to the DOE by school districts, adjusted to exclude facilities not appropriate to the PECO distribution process. The second report is the preliminary five-year forecast for your district of capital outlay FTE for the years 2002-2003 through 2006-2007. Please review your capital outlay FTE projections on or before Friday, May 31, 2002. Contact Steve Kimble (Suncom 278-6303, (850) 488-6303, or e-mail kimbles@mail.doe.state.fl.us), if you would like your districtís forecast reviewed for possible adjustments or if you accept the projections as presented. If a response is not received from your district, our office will contact appropriate district personnel to confirm acceptance of these data. The forecast file will be finalized on Monday, June 3, 2002. Thank you for your review and assistance in producing accurate enrollment forecasts. WVP/sk Attachments (For individual reports, please call Steve Kimble at the number above.) cc: School District Facility Coordinators School District FTE Planning Administrators
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