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April 12, 2002 CONTACT PERSON NAME: Jon Hamrick PHONE: (850)487-1578 SUNCOM: 277-1578 DPBM No.: 02-84 MEMORANDUM TO: District School Superintendents, Community College Presidents, and Educational Facilities Planners FROM: Wayne V. Pierson SUBJECT: Building Permit Application and Other Enforcement Issues Consistent with DPBM No. 02-75, the procedures for the Department to issue a building permit have been developed and approved. This is a continuation of our Phase III Construction Document review process and includes the following: 1. Continue to submit Phase III Construction Documents for review as you have in the past. 2. Have your local certified fire safety inspector review and approve the Phase III Construction Documents. 3. Make all required corrections to the Phase III documents to satisfy all mandatories. Provide documentation to satisfy these mandatories to the Office of Educational Facilities (OEF). 4. Your receipt of the Phase III Approval Letter allows the school district/community college to award the construction contract to a licensed contractor. 5. Verify that the contractor meets all required insurance requirements and that the contractor’s license is current. 6. Obtain all other required permits for the project. 7. Complete the attached two-page Building Permit Application, OEF 220. 8. Submit two signed and sealed sets of corrected Phase III Construction Documents that also contain all other required permit stamps, along with the Building Permit Application, OEF 220, to OEF. 9. Upon OEF’s receipt of the documents, verification that all mandatories have been satisfied, and that the contractor’s license is current, OEF will issue a Building Permit, OEF 225. One set of construction documents will be stamped and returned to the district/community college along with the building permit. This set of construction documents is required to be kept on the job site for the inspector’s use, and the building permit is required to be posted on the job site. If OEF is the entity issuing your building permits, we can also issue your annual maintenance permit. To obtain an annual maintenance permit, submit a written request including a description of the procedures the district will use to enforce the requirements of statutes and the Florida Building Code for projects that fall under the annual maintenance permit. This description should include who will be performing required inspections and how each project is going to be documented and tracked for code compliance. Upon receipt of this information an annual maintenance permit, Form OEF 226, will be issued to the district/community college. To help ensure that your district/community college is conforming with statutory requirements, we would like to reiterate that if you are using local building department inspectors, Section 235.26(3), Florida Statutes, requires these individuals to be certified by OEF. As of this date very few building department inspectors have such certification. Section 235.017(2), Florida Statutes, requires that construction documents be reviewed by licensed architects and engineers registered pursuant to Chapter 471 or Chapter 481, Florida Statutes. These licensed individuals are independent of the ones who prepared the construction documents. Building departments generally do not employ licensed architects and engineers; therefore, arrangements may have to be made for an independent review of construction documents by licensed architects and engineers. If there are any questions, please contact Jon Hamrick at (850) 487-1578 or SUNCOM 277-1578. JH/nmi Attachment (PDF 20K)

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