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April 12, 2002 CONTACT PERSON Name: Jon Hamrick Phone: (850)487-1578 DPBM No.: 02-83 MEMORANDUM To: District School Superintendents, School Board Members, and Facility Planners From: Wayne V. Pierson Subject: Statewide Emergency Shelter Plan and Tornado Protection - Selecting Safe Areas in Buildings On March 27, 2002, the State Board of Education approved the 2002 Statewide Emergency Shelter Plan prepared by the Department of Community Affairs. This plan is available on a CD from the Department of Community Affairs, Division of Emergency Management, and can also be accessed from their website. An Executive Summary can be found on pages iii through viii. To summarize, a shortage of shelter space for category 4 and 5 hurricanes still exists in 60 counties. According to the report, since the public shelter design criteria became effective, 71 schools have been built to the shelter criteria, and 29 are currently planned or are under construction. The Department of Community Affairs has also published “Tornado Protection - Selecting Safe Areas in Buildings” (March 2002). The purpose of this publication is to assist educational agencies with the selection of the best available space within their buildings to provide tornado/severe wind protection. This publication is a revision to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s 1982 publication “Tornado Protection - Selecting and Designing Safe Areas in Buildings” (TR-83B, October 1982). The publication is only available through the Department of Community Affairs website (PDF 3,581K). If you have any questions about these programs, or want to obtain a CD of the 2002 Statewide Emergency Shelter Plan, you may contact Mr. Danny Kilcollins in the Division of Emergency Management at (850) 413-9859. WVP/jhi

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