Florida Department of Education
CONTACT PERSON NAME: Christian Kinsley PHONE: (850) 488-2460 SUNCOM: 277-2206 E-MAIL: Kinslec@mail.doe.state.fl.us April 12, 2002 DPBM: 02-82 MEMORANDUM TO: District School Superintendents and Other Agency Heads FROM: Wayne V. Pierson SUBJECT: Fourth Quarter Payments for State-Funded Projects Grant award notifications for state-funded projects awarded by the Florida Department of Education specified that payments would be made quarterly, consistent with the amount of funding for each appropriation released by the Governorís Office. Typically, the entire amount of funding available for the fourth quarter would be released to the Department of Education in March to provide for the fourth quarter payments to districts. This year, however, the Governorís Office has advised us that a portion of the funds will be released to the Department each month of the quarter. In order to facilitate the payment of fourth quarter funds to districts for state-funded projects, the Department of Education will make one payment in April and the balance in June. Thank you for your attention to this matter. WVP:MKA cc: Finance Officers
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