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CONTACT PERSON NAME: Jonathon D. Hamrick PHONE: (850)487-1578 February 25, 2002 SUNCOM: 277-1578 DPBM No.: 02-76 MEMORANDUM To: District School Superintendents, Community College Presidents, and Board Members From: Wayne V. Pierson Subject: 2000 Educational Facilities Publication The attached (PDF 9K) document is published yearly by the Department of Education and showcases examples of new educational facilities that were constructed across the state of Florida in 2000. This publication is provided in response to the many requests for information about recently constructed facilities which are of interest to educators and designers. The publication is created as a resource which can be used o compare school plant design, building materials, construction cost, and features of the many new facilities constructed in Florida. We trust that this information will be useful in planning your new educational facilities. You may now access this publication from the Educational Facilities website at "http://www.firn.edu/doe/bin00012/home0012.htm. Please fill in the attached survey for this publication and return by FAX or mail to the Office of Educational Facilities and SMART Schools Clearinghouse. WVP/jdh Attachment

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