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CONTACT PERSONS February 8, 2002 NAME: Lynda Hartnig Patti Askins PHONE: (850) 921-4430/SC 291-4430 (850) 921-2762/SC 291-2762 MEMORANDUM DPBM: 02-70 TO: District School Superintendents FROM Wayne V. Pierson SUBJECT: Special Session C Workforce Development Education Fund (WDEF) Fund Reductions There have been several questions about funding cuts from Special Session C related to the Workforce Development Education Fund (WDEF). The attached (PDF 34K) document details the reductions to WDEF funds that were authorized by the Florida Legislature during Special Session C. LEAs that have an Adults with Disabilities project and/or a Critical Jobs Initiative grant will receive under separate cover information about reductions in those funds and instructions on how to make any necessary amendments to those grant projects. If you have questions about your WDEF reductions, please contact Lynda Hartnig (hartnil@mail.doe.state.fl.us) at SUNCOM 291-4430 or (850) 921-4430, or Patti Askins (askinsp@mail.doe.state.fl.us) at SUNCOM 291-2762 or (850) 921-2762. WP/pa Attachment cc: Finance Officers Local Vocational Directors Area Center Directors

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