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CONTACT PERSON January 23, 2002 Name: Jack Villagomez Phone: (850) 488-3260 SUNCOM: 278-3260 DBPM No. 02-66 MEMORANDUM To: District School Superintendents and Community College Presidents From: Wayne V. Pierson Subject: School District and Community College Special Fire Safety Inspectors - Training Please forward this memorandum and the attached letter dated January 11, 2000, to the person(s) who perform annual fire safety inspections for your facilities as required by Section 235.06(1)b, Florida Statutes. It is imperative that they receive this information on new training requirements before their certification by the State Fire Marshal lapses. Your fire safety inspectors will likely be attached to your maintenance, risk management, or safety departments. We ask that you do this as soon as possible so that we may arrange statewide the three-day classes referred to in the attached letter to accommodate inspectors as efficiently and as timely as possible. For any questions or requests for classes contact: Jack Villagomez Office of Educational Facilities and SMART Schools Clearinghouse (850) 488-3260 (850) 488-1442 FAX villagj@mail.doe.state.fl.us JAV/nmi Attachment cc:Educational Facilities Planners Suzanne A. Marshall, Chief Bureau of Educational Facilities January 11, 2000 MEMORANDUM TO: District Safety, Maintenance, and Risk Management Departments FROM: Jack A. Villagomez SUBJECT: Training Changes for Special Fire Safety Inspectors (SFSI) Changes in training requirements for Special Fire Safety Inspector for initial trainees and currently certified Special Fire Safety Inspectors have been finalized. This information supercedes a memorandum from this office dated February 15, 2000. Group 1 - Initial Trainees As determined by the State Fire Marshal, Initial Training for Special Fire Safety Inspector (SFSI) is now one hundred and twenty (120) total hours, but is to be completed in a phased manner. Testing for certification will be after successful completion of the first two 40-hour courses (Courses 1 and 2 listed below). Upon passing the test for certification, the last 40 hours, Course 3 (listed below), must be completed within the first 3-year cycle of required continuing education. The courses referred to are as follows: Course 1 - FFC 1200: Fire Prevention Practices, 40 hours Course 2 - FFC 1300: Codes and Standards, 40 hours Course 3 - The remaining 40 hours consist of a 24-hour course provided by DOE and a separate 16-hour course* provided by the State Fire College or other approved entities. 3a. DOE - Inspecting Educational Facilities, 24 hours 3b.*FSFC 716: Inspecting Pre-engineered Systems and Extinguishers, 16 hours Group 2 - Currently Certified SFSI’s Those SFSI’s who were initially certified in a 40 hour course, and who have maintained their active certification, must complete the entire 40 hours of Course 3 sometime within their next re- certification cycle. This will satisfy these new training requirements, as well the regular re-certification requirements; no other additional training is required for these active SFSI’s.

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