Florida Department of Education
CONTACT PERSON NAME: David Montford Martha Haynes Ronnie McCallister January 22, 2002 PHONE: (850) 488-5142/ SC 278-5142 (850)487-2280/ SC 277-2280 (850)488-4405/ SC 278-4405 DPBM: 02-65 MEMORANDUM TO: District School Superintendents FROM: Wayne V. Pierson SUBJECT: 2002-03 FTE and Transportation Survey Dates The following dates have been established for the 2002-03 Florida Education Finance Program and Transportation student membership surveys: Survey 1 July 15-19, 2002 Survey 2 October 7-11, 2002 Survey 3 February 3-7, 2003 Survey 4 June 16-20, 2003 Specific instructions for reporting survey data to the Department of Education will be furnished prior to the July survey. WVP:DGM:js cc: FTE Administrators Finance Officers MIS Contacts Student Data Base Contacts Transportation Directors

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