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CONTACT PERSON NAME: Jerry Martin PHONE: (850) 487-3842 SUNCOM: 277-3842 DPBM: 02-54 December 13, 2001 M E M O R A N D U M TO: School District Superintendents and Community College Presidents FROM: Wayne V. Pierson SUBJECT: 1999-2000 PECO Reversions NOTE: THIS MEMORANDUM REQUIRES A RESPONSE BY FEBRUARY 1, 2002 As you know, the 1999-2000 PECO appropriations are subject to reversion on February 1, 2002, pursuant to Section 216.301(3), Florida Statutes. Please notify us on or before February 1, 2002, of any 1999-2000 PECO appropriation which is not "under the terms of a binding contract." The Governor's Office of Planning and Budgeting has issued guidelines for reporting fixed capital outlay appropriations subject to reversion. These guidelines clarify the meaning of the term "under the terms of a binding contract" and identify the following conditions in which amounts are not subject to reversion: Under the terms of a binding contract This requirement is met if your board has signed a contract (a purchase order or general construction contract or sub-contract), or received bids and issued a notice of intent to award the contract. The funds are considered to be under contract if you have issued a purchase order to accomplish the work with in-house staff. If a significant phase of construction is under contract, the remaining phases do not revert (i.e., a project including a building addition and remodeling to be done in two phases). Specific Appropriations for Non-Construction Do Not Revert Specific appropriations for land acquisition, planning, or equipment do not revert. Amounts Not Under Contract That Do Not Revert If the primary or main part of the construction project is under contract, the funds necessary for the secondary portions of the project such as landscaping, paving, and equipment, are not subject to reversion. Specific Projects Funded from Appropriations for Two Years Projects funded from appropriations for two years have 31 months from the last appropriation. Appropriation for Several Locations An appropriation for several locations requires that work at each location be under contract prior to February 1, 2002. For institutional type projects, each institution is a location; for multiple buildings, a building is a location. To respond to this request, please complete the enclosed form and return it to: Jerry Martin Educational Facilities Budgeting Administrator Educational Facilities 325 West Gaines Street - Room 1004 Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0400 Fax No.: SUNCOM 278-2708 or (850) 488-2708 WVP/jmh Enclosure cc: School District Finance Officers ENCLOSURE: All 1999-2000 PECO appropriations are under contract. YES _________ NO ________ If NO, report the appropriation amounts below, indicate in the remarks section whether the funds are needed, and the status of the project. Amount Not Under Name of Appropriations Contract Remarks FROM: Agency Name: ______________________________________ Signed: ___________________________________________ Telephone #: ______________________________________ Title: ____________________________________________ SUNCOM #: _________________________________________ Fax this document to (850) 488-2708 or SUNCOM 278-2708.

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