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CONTACT PERSON NAME: Nick Baldwin PHONE: 850-487-8646 SUNCOM: 277-8646 DPMB: 02-31 September 17, 2001 MEMORANDUM TO: District School Superintendents FROM: Wayne V. Pierson SUBJECT: General Revenue Breakfast Earnings Fiscal Year 2002 Enclosed is a listing of the estimated General Revenue Breakfast earnings you will receive for fiscal year (FY) 2001-2002. Distributions will be based upon each districtís pro-rata share of the total available for distribution in FY 2002 ($7,499,209). The pro-rata shares are calculated based on the free and reduced price breakfasts reported on form ESE-080 for school year 2000. Equal payments of one-fourth of the total calculated preliminary amount will be distributed in the first three quarters of the fiscal year. Because the appropriation language indicates that the maximum per- breakfast amount that can be expended is based on the difference between the statewide average breakfast cost and the average free and reduced price reimbursement, the final amount cannot be determined until these average figures have been calculated. The amount you receive on the final payment (electronic funds transfer for the month of May 2002) will be calculated by taking your total entitlement, which is based on the maximum per-breakfast amount times the total breakfasts reported, minus the amount you received during the first three quarters. WVP:NB/set Enclosure cc: School Food Service Directors Division of Support Services

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