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August 6, 2001 CONTACT PERSON NAME: Spessard Boatright PHONE: (850)921-8699 SUNCOM: 291-8699 DPBM No.: 02-19 MEMORANDUM TO: Superintendents, Finance Officers, and Directors of Capital Outlay FROM: Wayne V. Pierson SUBJECT: 2001 District Five-Year Work Plan As you are aware, each school district is required to annually complete and submit a Five-Year Work Plan. This plan should be approved by the school board and then submitted to the Department, both as a hard copy with signature and in an electronic format, no later than October 1, 2001. The electronic copy may be sent via e-mail or by mail on disk. Send e-mail to: burnsj@mail.doe.state.fl.us or boatris@mail.doe.state.fl.us. The Excel spreadsheet file can be downloaded directly from our homepage at "http://wwwsmartschools.state.fl.us. Click on 01WkPlan.xls. The five-year plan is intended to be a useful and meaningful document for the district as it plans, prepares, and prioritizes its current and five-year capital outlay needs. In order to facilitate the completion of the School District Facilities Work Program, the 2001 Five-Year Work Plan is now available for download and use. The only change from last year is a line for entering PECO maintenance funds at the bottom of section (2)(a)1. The 2001 Five-Year Work Plan is in the same format as last year. All information to be supplied by the district is in "red italic" font on the screen and will be "black italic" font when printed. This will aid you when several different people provide input data. If you need to insert a row, try to insert the new row below the first row and above the last row in order to maintain the integrity of the formulas. Then, copy the row above or below to the row inserted, correct the data copied, and all formulas and totals will adjust automatically. To simplify completion of the work plan, you should copy the information from the 2001-2002 column on the 2000 plan to the first year on the 2001 plan, move the information from the other columns to the left, and insert new data for the out year 2004- 05. If you need further assistance, please call (850) 921-8699 or SUNCOM 291-8699. WVP/sbd

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