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CONTACT PERSON NAME: Charlene Waltz PHONE: (850) 488-6615 SUNCOM: 278-6615 DPBM: 02-102 June 4, 2002 MEMORANDUM TO: Community College Presidents FROM: Wayne V. Pierson SUBJECT: Distribution of School Capital Outlay Amendment Entitlement of CO&DS The attached summary (PDF 44K) distribution is provided from capital outlay funds accruing to your college under provisions of Article XII, Section 9(d), Florida Constitution (the “School Capital Outlay Amendment”), as amended. These funds will be electronically transferred on June 7, 2002, to your designated financial institution. These funds may be spent only on projects that meet the requirements specified in the above constitutional amendment. This revenue should be recorded in General Ledger Code #42210 - License Tag Fees Appropriation. WVP/cwh Attachment cc: Community College Finance Officers
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