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CONTACT PERSON NAME: Nancy Rivers PHONE: (850) 410-1460 July 17, 2001 SUNCOM: 210-1460 DPBM: 02-06 MEMORANDUM TO: District School Superintendents FROM: Wayne V. Pierson SUBJECT: Dollars to the Classroom Ė Budget Advertisement Chapter 2001-157, Laws of Florida (HB 1545), and proviso language within the FEFP appropriation require a minimum classroom expenditure requirement for those districts that fail to meet minimum academic performance standards based on data available to the Department at this time. Incompletes and appeals are not included in this data. Attached to this memorandum is the Departmentís calculation for each districtís status with regard to these standards. Districts will need this data in order to prepare the budget advertisement required by Section 6 of Chapter 2001-157, Laws of Florida. The required language is also attached. The calculation uses school grade data available to the Department as late as July 13, 2001, but there may be districts that have unresolved appeal(s) of grades or incomplete grade(s) for specific school(s). The weighted school grades will be revised upon resolution of appeals and incompletes. The median, however, will not be recalculated. If the satisfactory resolution of the appeal(s) and incomplete(s) would alter the districtís standing above or below the state median (as it appears on the attachment), the following message may be included with the advertisement: The information in this advertisement may change, subject to satisfactory resolution of ongoing appeal of school grades. We realize that budget calendar timelines established by some districts required tentative budget preparation and school board approval for advertisement before we were able to provide this information. If that is the case, the Department will respond to any audit exception received from the Office of the Auditor General. Attachments WVP:lrp cc: Finance Directors

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