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CONTACT PERSON NAME: Spessard Boatright PHONE: (850)921-8699 SUNCOM: 291-8699 DPBM No.: 02-05 July 23, 2001 MEMORANDUM TO: District Superintendents, Finance Officers, and Charter School Contacts FROM: Wayne V. Pierson SUBJECT: Distribution of Capital Outlay Funds for Charter Schools Attached is a table showing individual school and district totals. Based on your district's input, the table represents our best determination of charter schools in your district eligible to receive capital outlay funds pursuant to Section 228.0561, Florida Statutes, for the 2001-2002 school year. Distributions are to be made monthly. Your districtís charter school allocation will be sent via electronic funds transfer on July 26 and August 23 for the first two months. Recalculations of entitlements will be done four times during the year, and distribution amounts may be less based on revised data; therefore, your future distributions may be less. Distributions will be made on the fourth Thursday of each month thereafter, except for November which will be the fourth Wednesday. A charter schoolís governing body may use charter school capital outlay funds for any capital outlay purpose that is directly related to the functioning of the charter school, including: (a) purchase of real property; (b) construction, renovation, repair, and maintenance of school facilities; (c) purchase, lease purchase, or lease of permanent or relocatable school facilities; and (d) purchase of vehicles to transport students to and from the charter school. When a charter school is non-renewed or terminated, any unencumbered funds and all equipment and property purchased with public funds shall revert to the ownership of the district school board, as provided in Paragraphs 228.056(10)(e) and (f), Florida Statutes. The reversion of such equipment, property, and furnishings shall focus on recoverable assets, but not on intangible or irrecoverable costs such as rental or leasing fees, normal maintenance, and limited renovations. If there are additional local issues such as the shared use of facilities or partial ownership of facilities or property, these issues shall be agreed to in the charter contract prior to the expenditure of funds. For additional assistance, please contact Spessard Boatright at (850) 921-8699 or SUNCOM 291-8699. WVP/sb Attachments

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