Florida Department of Education 
CONTACT PERSON NAME: Don Armstrong PHONE: (850) 487-3842 SUNCOM: 277-3842 DPBM: 02-01 July 6, 2001 MEMORANDUM TO: School District Superintendents FROM: Wayne V. Pierson SUBJECT: Report of 2001-2002 Fixed Capital Outlay Appropriations District capital outlay allocations for 2001-2002, as funded through the General Appropriations Act, Chapter 2001-253, Laws of Florida, are shown on the attached report. Authorization to encumber these funds is obtained by the completion of OEF Form 352. You should not sign a contract or issue a purchase order until you receive an Encumbrance Authorization, OEF Form 1, from the Office of Facilities Budgeting. As required by Section 216.301(3), Florida Statutes, 2001-2002 fiscal year appropriations must be encumbered and under contract by February 1, 2004, at which time the appropriation balances revert. WVP:dah Attachment cc: District Finance Officers District Facility Planners

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